WEPA invests at Bridgend

The WEPA Group, headquartered in Arnsberg/ Westphalia, Germany, has announced further extensive investments in infrastructure and production at its plant in Bridgend, UK. The main focus of the investment is the construction of a new paper machine with a planned annual production capacity of 65,000 tons. The machine will start up in the 1st quarter in spring 2022.

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COVID hits Loo roll production at KC Flint

A toilet roll production factory has been wiped out after some of its staff tested positive for Coronavirus.

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UK rolls out fully-recyclable and biodegradable U-bend paper straw

Inspired by a desire to help create more sustainability in the packaging options we use every day, award-winning British manufacturer Transcend Packaging has unveiled a fully-recyclable and biodegradable U-bend paper straw. Ribena will be the first UK juice drinks brand to introduce the sustainable straws to its drinks cartons, with the new packs now available in Tesco as part of a trial of the new paper straw design.

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Redevelopment of Stationers’ Hall

We’re excited to announce a £7.5 million project for Stationers’ Hall, which has been in the planning for five years and has the approval of Historic England. The works will start in November 2020 and the Hall will re-open in early 2022.

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Eco-playhouse made with corrugated board

Eero Aarnio, an artist worldwide famous for furniture designs, such as the iconic Ball Chair, has designed an eco-playhouse made with corrugated board. Aarnio has always been interested in different materials and the opportunities they create. Corrugated board has a particular fascination for him due to its light weight and environmental credentials.

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Morrisons choose paper bags over plastic

August, 2020, the supermarket chain Morrisons has launched a “paper bag only” trail in eight stores. If successful, the chain will consider removing plastic bags from all stores and will offer paper bags only.

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