China emissions exceed all developed nations combined

7 May 2021. China emits more greenhouse gas than the entire developed world combined, a new report has claimed.

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First commercial launch for Paper U-straw for aseptic cartons

30 Apr. 2021. Sustainable alternatives continue to gain momentum because of the EU Waste Legislation and growing concerns about the environmental impact of plastic straws. According to the European Union’s SUP (Single Use Plastic) directive, plastic straws in Europe must be replaced by July 2021.

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Pulp mill waste used for road construction

23 Apr. 2021. Waste materials from the pulp and paper industry have long been seen as possible fillers for building products like cement, but for years these materials have ended up in the landfill. Now, researchers at UBC Okanagan are developing guidelines to use this waste for road construction in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Second life of an E-commerce packaging: a dog basket

7 May 2021. As a goodie for its online customers and their four-legged darlings, Bubeck Petfood delivered its wide range of dog food and accessories for a short time in special shipping packaging. Its bottom part can be converted into a practical dog basket made of corrugated cardboard. The results of the promotionally effective upcycling campaign are enthusiastically posted in the social media. The ingenious design of the innovative e-commerce packaging comes from DS Smith, one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable packaging solutions. The clever design was worthy of an award from the judges of the Corrugated Board Innovation Award. They awarded the solution second place in the e-commerce category.

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Omya and BASF continue partnership for Pilot Coating Center for Paper & Board

7 May 2021. Omya and BASF are the two market leaders in terms of raw materials for the formulation of coating colors used in the paper & board industry. Omya offers mineral filler solutions and innovative coating concepts based on Calcium Carbonate, complementary pigments, and additives, for the production of paper and board. BASF supplies a comprehensive and innovative product range of binders and coating additives for the formulation of paper and board coatings.

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Norske Skog to enter the European packaging markets

7 May 2021. Norske Skog’s board of directors has made the final investment decision to convert one machine at the Bruck (Austria) industrial site (photo) from newsprint to recycled containerboard production. This is the first major step of the two planned European conversion projects in the group’s strategy of establishing Norske Skog as a leading independent European producer of recycled containerboard.

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