The objective of this award is to recognise a major contribution to the Association, usually in a form which has taken place over many years and involving a number of different activities of the Association. The Award is a small scale replica of a hand mould carrying a suitably inscribed plate.

Nominations for the Award may be made by a member or Working Group. They will be accompanied by a written submission detailing the contribution made by the nominee and must be received by the Awards Committee by the end of the calendar year for consideration for award in the following year.

Judgement of the Award is made by the Awards Committee, whose recommendation shall be submitted to a meeting of the PITA Board, where it shall be deemed ratified if voted for by three quarters of those present and eligible to vote. The presentation of the Award shall normally take place at a public event organised by the Association

It is unlikely more than one Award will be made in any one year.

The PITA Insignia has previously been awarded to:-

1998 B.C. Williams
1999 R.E. Shipley
2001 D.R. Ferguson
2002 W.J. Inman
2003 N.Q. Edwards
2005 J.C. Allan
2006 D. Christie
2009 C. Ward
2016 K. Rafferty