Technical association for the pulp and paper industry of Australia and New Zealand.

Formed in 1946, Appita’s mission is:

  • To advance and promote innovation and manufacturing best practice across the forest products, pulp, paper and packaging value chain, including new biomass-derived products.
  • To lead the development and transfer of technical information and best practices fundamental to the industry.
  • To develop and support programs to encourage the growth of a diverse, well-prepared pool of industry professionals.
  • To build strong relationships with industry stakeholders across the supply chain
  • To drive the interchange of information across the industry supply chain through effective networking.

Appita Inc
PO Box 816
Macleod Vic 3085

Telephone: +61 3 9467 9722

Appita Inc
PO Box 6042,
New Zealand

Telephone: +64 7 350 2252