Over the past few years, PITA has made considerable efforts to consolidate its position as one of the leading Technical Associations serving the traditional Pulp, Paper and Board sectors and developing our activities into key areas in support of papermaking (such as our Training initiative), whilst extending our reach into the emerging Fibrous Forest Products sector (which encompasses some of the more ‘exotic’ uses for Cellulose Fibres, such as nano-cellulose).

During the course of these activities, it became apparent that Senior Managers in the industry lacked a ‘forum’ within which they could discuss ‘non-competitive’ shared issues and challenges, whilst developing management and leadership skills and contributing to the overall strength of the Pulp, Paper and Board sector in the UK.

Through discussion with mills and suppliers, small and large, PITA outlined an initial format for such a forum, although the ongoing format would ultimately be decided upon by the participants themselves. The inaugural meeting was launched ahead of the AGM and Summer Visit to Saica’s Partington Mill on 4th July 2014.

The meeting was conducted in strict adherence with the current UK Competition Regime and will provide a chance to contribute to the future of our Industry in the company of and support of like-minded individuals.