PITA Organisational Training

PITA itself does not offer training, although following the demise of paper industry specific training at universities and colleges across the UK, PITA now facilitates training courses via a number of external individuals and bodies:

Introductory level

Introductory Courses

(For up to date information on courses and prices see The PITA Calendar)

Intermediate level

Operator Development Programme

Proskills Training Workshop

Proskills Training Workshop

In addition, PITA, under the auspices of EUCEPA (the European Liaison Committee for Pulp & Paper Technical Associations), has more recently been working with various national training organisations across Europe in an attempt to harmonise the quality of Pan-European training and qualifications in papermaking and converting.

Health & Safety & Wellbeing

PITA is fully supportive of the major investment in time and energy by several notable members in the Paper Industry and allied sectors (Materials Recovery and Handling, Forestry and Wood Panels, etc) and the Health and Safety Executive, which has dramatically reduced accident rates. In addition, the move away from focussing solely upon 'Safety' into the more holistic Mental Health and Wellbeing is to be welcomed. In support of this, we include below a number of articles on these and related issues, which we are sure will be of general interest to all in the Paper Sector of inductries. (Links to the story provider's website are contained within each article.)

Good Mood Foods (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Staying Safe when Working Outdoors in Searing Heat (leavevan.co.uk)
Recognising the Signs of a Stroke (www.nhs.uk)
Foods for September (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Mindfulness (www.mindful.org)
Preventing Hearing Loss (www.actiononhearingloss.org.uk)
The Recovery Position (www.nhs.uk)
Office Treats (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Signs of Diabetes (www.medicinenet.com)
Walking as Exercise (www.verywellfit.com)
Relaxation Techniques (https://www.health.harvard.edu)
Mowvember (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Reading for Relaxation (Bupa)
Therapeutic Benefit of Pets (ADAA / Habri)
Avoiding Weight Gain at Christmas (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Cutting Alcohol Consumption at Christmas (Alcohol Change UK)
Feeling Lonely at Christmas (Red)
Avoiding Food Poisoning at Christmas (NHS)
Beat the January Blues (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
New Year Resolutions (Good Housekeeping)
Health Benefits of Gardening (HuffPost)
Coping with Depression (NHS)
Heart Disease and Stroke (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Wellbeing and Friendship (Mayo Clinic)
Office Desk Exercises (TINYpulse)
Healthy Eating (NHS)
Nutrition and Hydration (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Health and Wellbeing Calendar (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Coronavirus - Business Guidance (BEIS)
Hand Hygiene (WHO)
Enforced Home Working (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Exercising at Home (patient.onfo)
Mental Health during Lock-Down (Mental Health Foundation)
Slow Walking as Exercise (verywellfit)
Tips for Home Working (Adobe)
Weird Ways to Survive the Lockdown (The Guardian)
Food and Drink that Makes you Tired (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Tips for Home Working (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Mental Health Exercises (Careers in Psychology)
Desk Exercises (Start)
Keeping Busy when Furloughed (StopGap)
Mental Health Awareness Week (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Face Masks to slow COVID Transmission (CDC)
Lung Diseases (WebMD)
Health Benefits of Outdoors (Business Insider)
Improving Sleep (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Barbecue Safety Tips
Hay Fever (Mayo Clinic)
Sunburn and Heat Exhaustion (NHS)
Diabetes (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Mindfulness - Living in the Moment  (Psychology Today)
Lyme Disease - Beware the Long Grass (NHS)
Stress Management (MyWellBeing)
Weight Maintenance (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Volunteering (HelpGuide)
Exercise for Adults (NHS)
Salt in the Diet (BHF)
Foods for Boosting the Immune System (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Breathing Exercises (healthline)
Growing Salad Indoors (The English Garden)
Relaxation Techniques (Calmer)
Best Drinks to Keep Hydrated (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Couch to 5K (NHS)
Making Facemasks at Home (BBC)
Kidney Disease (National Kidney Foundation)
Eat for Better Sleep (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Mental Health & Lockdown (Mental Health Foundation)
Differentiating Flu & COVID (Center for Disease Control)
Positive Lessons from Lockdown (Hayley Martin)
8 Easy Workouts for Beginners (verywellfit)
Vitamin D Deficiency (Medline Plus)
Start Cycling (WeAreCyclingUK)
World Heart Day (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Work / Life Balance (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Autumn Walks (British Heart Foundation)
Common Autumn Diseases (Quora)
Preparing Gardens for Winter (Real Gardens)
Decluttering (zenhabits)
Ventilation to cut risk of COVID-19 (Hertslive)
Mowvember and Prostate Cancer (Mowvember)
Caring for Garden Brids on Winter (Westland Garden Health)
Christmas Budgets (Shepherd's Friendly)
Woodland Walks (Huffpost)
Diabetes (Healthline)
Stress Awareness (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Cold Remedies (Mayo Clinic)
Walking in Nature (YES! magazine)
Difficulty Sleeping (healthline)
Foods to Boost Energy (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Happiness (NHS)
Volunteering at Christmas (Prima)
Vitamin D Defficiency (WebMD)
Anger Management (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Winter Gardening (Mr Plant Geek)
Christmas Food for Birds (birdspot.co.uk)
Feeding Pets and Christmas (HouseBeautiful)
Festive Fact File (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Beating the January Blues (BMJ)
Household Cleaning Jobs (HouseBeautiful)
New Year Resolutions (YouGov)
Foods to Beat the Afternoon Slump (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Training in Winter (Datchet & Eton Leisure)
Garden Birds in February (RSPB)
Foods to Boost the Immune System (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
February - National Heart Month (HealthPerformance)
Voluntary Dog Walkers (Voluntary Worker)
Procrastination (Glamour)
Inspiring Walks with Children (North Leeds Mumbler)
Mindfulness (PsychCentral)
Pilates (Healthy Magazine)
Walking for Weightloss (Mayo Clinic)
Eye Health (Oregon Eye Consultants)
Nutrition and Hydration (thehealthyemployee.co.uk)
Knee Exercises (healthline)
Spring Cleaning (merry maids)
Stress and Anxiety (healthline)
Gardening in March (Gardeners' World)
Games to Improve Memory (Mental Floss)
Alternatives to Meditation (Greatist)
Open Water Swimming (SwimtheLakes)
Declutter Your Home (theSpruce)
Keeping Calm (healthline)
Feeding Birds in Spring (Kennedy Wild Bird Food)
Lawn Tips (Turfonline)
IBS (healthline)
Hayfever (ENTUK)
Nature & Wellbeing (Lloyd's Wellbeing Centre)
BBQ Tips (Germania Insurance)
Melanoma (healthline)