The Operator Development Programme is a collaboration with Papierzentrum in Gernsbach, Germany, which provides a bridge between the UK & German Training & Education systems.

Papierzentrum Gernsbach are service providers in the field of training, staff qualification and management consultancy for the German and Swiss paper and pulp industry. As an institution maintained by the State and industry they provide services in the following three areas:

• Vocational training and further training for paper technologists and industrial master craftsmen for paper production and converting at the papermakers’ school - training centre for paper technology (public vocational school / technical college)
• Cooperation partner of the university of Cooperative Education of Karlsruhe, providing a course of study for Bachelors of Engineering (paper technology)
• Technical further training, management training and management consultancy provided by Bildungsakademie Papier (BIP)

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The initial (Fundamentals) course is set at Intermediate level, and provides in-depth training on operations between ‘Mixing Chest’ & ‘Reel Up’. The intention is to raise the knowledge of process, technician & support staff to an intermediate level of shared understanding regarding modern Paper Machine operations.

Fundamentals of Papermaking PDF

In time it is hoped to provide Advanced level courses on such topics as Stock Preparation; Wet-End Chemistry & Operations; and Finishing.