The Pulp and Paper Products Council (PPPC) is recognised as the industry reference and principal source of information on the global pulp and graphic paper markets.

Operating in Montreal, Brussels, Beijing, and Delhi, the PPPC is a highly focused organisation employing a team of 25 professionals who specialise in providing up-to-date, comprehensive market data, market intelligence and analysis on the market pulp, newsprint, and printing and writing papers sectors. PPPC staff includes individuals with extensive pulp and paper expertise, as well as analysts, economists, and a team of programmers and data processing specialists.

Collecting and aggregating data directly from the mills allows PPPC to provide unparalleled levels of detail and accuracy. Whether you are a producer or supplier to the industry, a financial analyst or investor, PPPC can help you better understand this industry and provide the platform you need to properly assess the markets at both regional and global levels.

Access to PPPC data and services is available to producers through membership in one or more of our regional or global associations and to all other industry participants through subscriptions to PPPC’s reports.