The objective of this award is to recognise outstanding service to the Association or outstanding contribution to the Paper and Board Industry as a whole. The Award is a Gold Emblem suitably inscribed, together with Honorary Membership of the Association.

Nominating members or bodies shall make a written submission detailing the overall accomplishments of their nominee giving (approximate) dates and types of service and as much detail as possible on the outstanding contribution the nominee has made to the industry both technically and generally (see note). The nominations and written details must be received by the Awards Committee by the end of the calendar year. The award based on submissions shall be the award to be made for the forthcoming year. A National Chairman may be recommended for the Award after his term of office as ‘Immediate Past Chairman’ has been completed.

Judgement of the award is made by The Awards Committee. The recommendation of the Awards Committee shall be submitted to the PITA Board for consideration, and the unanimous agreement of those present must be reached for the award recommended by the Awards Committee to be made. The presentation of the award shall normally take place at a public event organised by the Association.

Guide Note: The PITA Board emphasise that the PITA Gold Award is the highest award of the Association.

The Gold Award has previously been awarded to:-

1987 B.W. Attwood & B.P. Hemingway
1989 D. Attwood
1991 J.A. Clewley
1992 G.H. Nuttall
1996 T. Frette