At the end of the year, The PITA Annual Review (formerly known as the ‘Year Book’ and often referred to as the “Paper Industry Bible”) replaces the journal.

It is packed full of information that includes:

  • Annual statistics on the UK and European industry;
  • Contact details for mills (Benelux; Eastern Europe; Middle East; Norway; and UK);
  • Details of European and World Paper Technical Associations;
  • PITA Corporate Member contact details;
  • Reviews on various segments of the UK and European industry:
  • Corrugated; Energy; Environment; Newsprint; Tissue; Wood Panel

In addition, members receive the fully-updated PITA Membership Directory, containing contact details for all Individual Members of PITA – an invaluable directory giving names, affiliations and relevant contact details for hundreds of personnel throughout the industry. Note: this invaluable reference compendium is only available to those members who have individual membership of the Association.


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