Created in the early nineties under the name of WAPAC, the European Recovered Paper Association (ERPA) AISBL aims at promoting paper recovery and recycling and supports the development of the European recovered paper industry.

Paper recovery and recycling enables production of new paper and cardboard with lower effects on the environment and furthers the move towards a circular economy. ERPA also promotes free and fair trade of recovered paper which is a sustainable and responsible source of supply for paper producers in the European Union (EU) and elsewhere in the world.

To promote paper recovery and recycling, ERPA initiated with its European Union counterpart, CEPI, the European Declaration on Paper Recovery, which became later on the European Declaration on Paper Recycling, and has participated in the development of the EU Recovered paper standard specifications.

ERPA Members are national recovered paper federations of the different European Union countries representing the interests of companies involved in the collection, processing, recycling, transportation and trade of recovered paper.

ERPA aims to:

• To monitor and analyse at EU level all legal, environmental, economic and technical issues relating to the recovery, processing, recycling, transportation of “used” paper.

• To ensure a proper representation of the European recovered paper sector to the European institutions and liaise with relevant private associations inside and outside the EU.

• To provide expert inputs on any EU policy and regulatory initiative which could have an impact on the recovery, recycling and trade of “used paper”.

• To promote a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework which incentivises the recovery and recycling of paper.

• To maintain a link between the European national member federations, in strict observance of relevant legal requirements.

ERPA AISBL is one of the founding Members of the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EuRIC) AISBL.

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