The Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA) is an independent, member-based organisation, which operates for the general benefit of its members – both individual and corporate – dedicated to promoting and improving the technical and scientific knowledge of those working in the Fibrous Forest Products Industries - such as pulp, paper, wood panel, moulded pulp and other similar industries.

It serves the Industry, both manufacturers and suppliers, by providing a forum for members to meet and network; it organises visits, conferences and training seminars that cover all aspects of papermaking science. It also publishes the prestigious internationally-recognised journal Paper Technology International ® and the PITA Annual Review, both sent free to members, and a range of other technical publications which include conference proceedings, newsletters, the electronic Papermaking! magazine, and the acclaimed Essential Guide to Aqueous Coating.

PITA plays a leading role in EUCEPA – the Liaison Committee for Pulp and Paper – and believes the UK industry is best served by taking a co-operative approach that reaches across national boundaries. For example PITA is helping pioneer international co-operation to harmonise education and training across Europe.