The Mardon Memorial Prize is intended to honour the memory of the late Dr. Jasper Mardon (1921-1997), who made many significant contributions to the development of papermaking. Dr. Mardon was born in Exeter, England, and studied at Cambridge University before embarking on his distinguished career in industry. Following his death, four awards and endowments were established in his name, one each by PITA and its three sister Associations APPITA (Australia / New Zealand), PAPTAC (Canada) and TAPPI (USA).

The purpose of the Prize is to recognise an important technical accomplishment in advancing the science and technology of papermaking. All papers covering research, operations, troubleshooting and reviews of papermaking, from the thick stock system to finishing, are eligible. The award will be based on the text of the paper accepted for a PITA Technical Meeting or Conference. The winning paper shall be selected on the basis of quality of technical content and clarity of communication; the Award is not intended to act as a “lifetime achievement” or “service to the industry” award.

The Awards Committee will select the winning paper; a maximum of one paper per year will be chosen, or the committee may choose not to award the paper in any year. The Prize will be shared equally between all authors of the winning paper, and it will be made at the relevant Technical Meeting or Conference.

The Mardon Memorial Prize has previously been awarded to:-

2001 Steve I’Anson
2004 David Klemz & Clive Ward
2006 Matthew Taylor, Hong Wang, Graham Toft & Martin Brown