The ‘EU CE PA STUDENT GRANT’ is intended to assist young people (such as Students, Apprentices and Trainees) involved in the field of Pulp & Paper Manufacture and related industries sectors to develop a greater understanding of the European Pulp, Paper & Fibrous Forest Products Industries and to assist in the early development of a network of International Contacts.   The intended purpose of the EU CE PA GRANT is to encourage and support attendance Annual Meetings, Conferences, Fairs and Trade Shows organized by member associations represented in EU CE PA, although the grant may also be used for taking part in symposia and other events for the purpose of further training in the field of pulp and paper production and converting.

The EU CE PA GRANT will be a maximum of € 1,000, which will only be available to EU residents and not to institutions on behalf of individuals. To further support the individual, EU CE PA Member Associations will normally waive attendance fees for a visiting EU CE PA Grant Recipient from another EU Member State.

To qualify for the grant, the applicant should be a member of one of the associations represented in EU CE PA or, at the very least, have a close connection to one of them.

To apply for the EU CE PA GRANT the following points must be considered, the individual should:

  • Contact the association of the country he or she comes from prior to attending any event and the association will help to complete the application form below.
  • If approved, whilst attending the event the application should obtain a “Proof of Attendance” signed by an authority of the organizer of the event at the registration desk.  This should be forwarded to ‘This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.’, again the country representative will be able to advise (please see attached list of EU CE PA Members for contact details).
  • The successful applicant will receive a maximum of € 1,000 per person in any calendar year, which will be paid (in arrears) upon production of appropriate proof of expenditure (Receipts, Boarding Passes etc) following the event.
  • In the case of groups from the same organisation / institution attending the same event, the maximum total contribution will be capped at € 2,000, to be shared amongst all attendees forming the group.
  • Successful applicants will be required to prepare a short report describing their visit and may be asked to work with the editor of a National Associations Publication to produce a short article describing the event. Supporting photographs are encouraged!
  • In all cases, the awarding of a EU CE PA Grant will be given solely at the discretion of the EU CE PA Committee.

For further details contact your local Technical Association serving the Paper Industry or the EU CE PA Office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).