John Kirby

John Kirby - National Chairman
Operations Director of Buffin Leadership International since 2004. Previous employment included Directorial positions with BPB Paper & Packaging Ltd., Celtech International Ltd., Gruber + Weber Karton, and G.M.D. Ltd.





Graham Moore

Graham Moore - Immediate Past Chairman
Research Manager then Strategic Consultant with Smithers PIRA (formerly PIRA International) until retiring in October 2015.

Martin Wroe photo

Martin Wroe
Sales Manager since 1996 at Blackburn Chemicals Ltd., a speciality supplier of foam control chemicals to a host of industries, including pulp and paper.

Stephen Hutt Chief Executive

Stephen Hutt - Financial Director
Chief Financial Officer, Green Highland Renewables Ltd. Former Chief Executive of the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) since 2011. Previous industrial positions included Managing Director of Smith, Anderson & Company Ltd.

Tim Klemz

Tim Klemz
Sales & Marketing Director since 1995 of Compact Engineering Ltd., a company based in Thirsk, N. Yorkshire, which delivers energy efficient solutions for the pulp and paper sector, specifically in the field of electric infrared.