Graham Moore

Graham Moore - National Chairman
Research Manager then Strategic Consultant with Smithers PIRA (formerly PIRA International) until retiring in October 2015.

John Kirby

John Kirby - Deputy Chairman
Operations Director of Buffin Leadership International since 2004. Previous employment included Directorial positions with BPB Paper & Packaging Ltd., Celtech International Ltd., Gruber + Weber Karton, and G.M.D. Ltd.

Martin Wroe photo

Martin Wroe - Immediate Past Chairman
Sales Manager since 1996 at Blackburn Chemicals Ltd., a speciality supplier of foam control chemicals to a host of industries, including pulp and paper.

Stephen Hutt Chief Executive

Stephen Hutt - Financial Director
Chief Financial Officer, Green Highland Renewables Ltd. Former Chief Executive of the Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) since 2011. Previous industrial positions included Managing Director of Smith, Anderson & Company Ltd.

Tim Klemz

Tim Klemz
Sales & Marketing Director since 1995 of Compact Engineering Ltd., a company based in Thirsk, N. Yorkshire, which delivers energy efficient solutions for the pulp and paper sector, specifically in the field of electric infrared.