EuroWaxPack was established in 1998 by a group of wax paper converters. Since that time EuroWaxPack has worked to increase awareness of benefits of wax paper and wax-based laminates – one of the most traditional and most popular packaging materials employed in the packaging industry, and particularly among food producers.

EuroWaxPack communicates the benefits of wax paper – a modern, high performance, cost effective and environmentally sound packaging material. EuroWaxPack strives at EU level to ensure that these advantages are reflected in legislation.

Wax paper is primarily used for food packaging and, today particularly for wrapping confectionery, cheese, bread and meat. It offers high performance on even the fastest packaging machines and can beat competitive materials in most areas.

Wax paper is based on a 100% renewable resource: paper. The wax can either be mineral or based on vegetable natural oil, which is fully renewable. Wax paper can also be reused in the production of recycled papers and board. Some mills producing recycled paper use waxed paper waste from converters for certain applications.

Wax paper is also biodegradable. A sweet wrapper made from wax paper, accidentally left in the forest, will disintegrate at the same rate as leaves from the trees. Responsible use of resources and environmental consciousness remain important issues for consumers, governments and local authorities.

The association’s objectives are to provide a platform and knowledge base for manufacturers of wax paper packaging, to increase market knowledge and activities and to encourage innovation. Since its formation, EuroWaxPack has promoted wax paper production and usage in order to:

• Communicate to the market the compostability and biodegradability benefits of waxed paper
• Contribute to the EU packaging and packaging waste directive
• Create direct links with European food and packaging industry decision makers
• Examine waste disposal methods and promote recycling technologies
• Identify trends and collate statistics for key waxed paper markets
• Increase awareness through targeted PR campaigns
• Provide a website as an information platform

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