Paper History

For a selected chronology of papermaking history click the link below.

Chronology of Paper PDF

Paper Industry Terminology

For a selected glossary of papermaking terms click the link below.

Glossary PDF

2050 Energy Reduction Projects

In 2011 CEPI (the Confederation of European Paper Industries) launched a document setting out a roadmap for the European Paper Industry to survive and flourish through to 2050.

CEPI 2050 Roadmap PDF

Two Teams

Part of this CEPI 2050 project involved the instigation of the TWO TEAMS project to encourage the search for breakthrough technologies to help decarbonise the paper industry by 2050. These resulted in a number of ideas, which are set out in the document below.

Two Teams PDF


Separate to the CEPI approach, the UK Government, under the joint auspices of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) instigated their own project looking at what support the UK industry is likely to need to help it survive and flourish through to 2050. This document was published just prior to the 2015 General Election.


Current Legislation & Best Practice

Current environmental legislation is based around industry following best practice. The current ‘Best available techniques REFerence document’ (BREF) for the Production of Pulp, Paper and Board can be accessed using the link below.


Best Available Technique Conclusions

At 906 pages the BREF is very thorough. To make it more manageable, CEPI released a document summarising the Best Available Technique (BAT) Conclusions for the Production of Pulp, Paper and Board.



Turning to the recovered paper sector, EN643 – the European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling – was revised in 2013. Key to this revision was a new list of the grades that can be considered recyclable (encompassing 5 groups and 95 separate grades in total) along with a quantification of the accepted levels of contamination or contraries for each grade. The EN643 document is copyright, and can be purchased via the BSI (, CEN ( or ISO ( websites. However, CEPI has produced a Guidance document on the revised EN 643 to explain how it has been revised from the 2002 version, and the significance of the new clauses.


European Declaration on Paper Recycling 2016-2020

The European paper recycling value chain has already made significant strides on the paper recycling rate in the EU having reached a near theoretical maximum of 71.5% in 2015. The industry is now seeking to make another move forward with an enhanced rate of 74% by 2020 building on the progress achieved since 2000 by preceding European Declarations on Paper Recycling.

EPRC Declaration PDF

A-Z of Practical Paper Chemistry (Leslie Webb)

Leslie Webb, ex-Group Head, Paper Chemsitry (PIRA International), now Director of Envirocell, compiled this practical guidebook to Paper Chemistry for training purposes. We are delighted that he has now made it available, free of charge, via the PITA website, for those interested in understanding more about this most important aspect of Paper Science.

A-Z of Practical Paper Chemistry book