The Future of Paper Recycling in Europe: Opportunities and Limitations. COST Action E48
edited by Bartek Stawicki & Barry Read, PITA, 2010, A5, 208 pages. Free. Contact PITA to obtain a copy (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) - note that limited copies remain. A digital version can be downloaded by clicking here.

The main objective of the Action was to develop scenarios describing the future use of recovered paper within the European paper industry in order to provide a better background for focussed research activities in the field as well as to facilitate investment decisions.

The benefits of the Action are the sound base for targeted research, provision of necessary arguments in the discussion with government organizations, guidelines for the design of recycling-friendly paper products, guidelines for more effective, tailor-made collection strategies for used paper and a background for investment decisions.

Chapter 1 - COST Action E48

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1. Backrgound & Motivation
2. Objectives & Expected Benefits
3. Work Programme
4. Participating Countries & Institutions
5. The Organisation
6. Major Research Projects on Paper Recycling

Chapter 2 - The Status of Paper Recycling in Europe

1. Introduction
2. Definitions
3. Statistics
4. Collection & Sorting Systems
5. Current Composition & Quality of Recovered Paper
6. State-of-the-Art in Treatment Technologies
7. Use of Recovered Paper in Different Paper Grades
8. End Uses of Recovered Paper other than Papermaking
9. Recovered Paper Market & Trade Issues
10. Legislation and Regulations
11. Conclusions Concerning the Current Status of Paper Recycling in Europe

Chapter 3 - The Future of Paper Recycling in Europe

1. Future Trends relevant for Paper & Board Recycling
2. Scenarios for Paper and Board Recycling in Europe
3. Assessment of the Scenarios