Founded in 1919 in a collaboration between the UK Government and Industry, the Research Association of British Rubber Manufacturers (as we were then called), offered a range of leading edge technical and information services to companies wanting to develop novel commercial products and applications using rubber.

A move to Shawbury, Shropshire, in 1954, was followed by plastics being added to its range of activities, so becoming the now familiar Rubber And Plastics Research Association (RAPRA).

Throughout its existence, RAPRA has continued to help convert the latest polymer technologies into viable commercial products. In 2002, RAPRA was restructured, with RAPRA Limited continuing to focus its activities on behalf of its Members as directed by the original remit enshrined in its constitution.

In 2010 RAPRA relocated its offices to Telford, Shropshire. By changing to a network based support model at around the same time, RAPRA now has a far wider range of specialist capabilities at its disposal to fulfil its remit than it ever had in the past with a single facility.

We are the leading non-profit membership association which offers impartial specialist advice to its members and non-members through its network of world class technical and research centres.

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University Of Wolverhampton

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