The award objective is to recognise outstanding contribution to the technology of the industry. The award is an inscribed silver medal. All Members of the Association are eligible.

Proposing bodies for the award include the Fundamental Research Committee and other bodies who may be deemed eligible to make nominations by the PITA Board, or any two members of the Association.

The award is for members who make an outstanding contribution to the technical development of the industry. Any work for which the medal is awarded must have been submitted as a paper or papers to be read at a meeting of the Association or it may have been submitted as a communication or communications for publication by the Association.

The paper(s) or communication(s) may have described:
(i) The elucidation of the fundamental knowledge of an existing process or processes, or
(ii) The development of new methods of processing in the industry that constitute a definitive advance in some branch of manufacture, or
(iii) The invention of machinery and plant that is likely to prove beneficial to the industry, or
(iv) The adaption of conventional machinery or plant which will significantly improve quality, output or efficiency or produce a significant new paper or board product, or
(v) Any other technical development not covered by the preceding qualifications which in the opinion of the Awards ‘Committee is deemed to be of such merit as to justify consideration for the award.

Nominations for the award must be made by the proposing bodies or members by the end of the calendar year to the Awards committee. Only one nomination is acceptable from any one nominated body in a year. Normally, only one medal may be awarded in any one year unless exceptional circumstances occur (see Guide Note). No member may receive the award more than once.

Judgement of the award is made by the Awards Committee. The PITA Board shall consider the recommendation of the Awards Committee and a decision to make the award shall be deemed ratified by a three quarters majority vote of those present.

The presentation of the award shall normally take place at a public event organised by the Association.

Guide Note: In the event of the work submitted being judged to be equal work of two or more authors/workers, the Awards Committee may at their discretion recommend that more than one medal is struck for that particular work of technical significance submitted.

The Silver Jubilee Medal has previously been awarded to:-

1947 S.R.H. Edge
1948 S.F. Smith
1950 C.A. Chester
1952 W.B. Dixon
1955 G.W. Pirie
1958 Dr J. Grant
1959 R.J. Thomas
1961 D. Attwood
1963 Dr F.L. Hudson
1965 Dr H.F. Rance
1966 G. Thompson
1969 B.W. Attwood & F.M. Bolam
1970 J.R. Parker
1971 H.R. Hurtley
1972 H.W. Emerton
1973 F. Church
1974 Dr A.B. Truman
1976 M.C. Riddell
1982 Dr H. Corte & B. Radavan
1984 M.I. Mclaurin
1986 Dr K. Beazley & I.F. Hendry
1987 J. Mardon
1989 Dr J. Peel
2003 Dr R.I.S. Gill
2004 Dr D. Page