Created in 1952, EUROSAC is a European Federation headquartered in Paris, rallying the European multiwall paper sack industry. For over half a century, EUROSAC has exerted itself in the safeguarding and promotion of its Members’ business sector by undertaking distinctive actions.

The Federation surveys and examines activities and initiatives in the areas of industry, whether technical or environmenta,l and actively contributes to these prevalent topics and emerging issues.

In conjunction with an external independent consultant, EUROSAC is a source of authoritative detailed information on the paper sack market, offering its members monthly statistics.

EUROSAC is an active member in European paper packaging industry networks in order to assure the liaison with the European authorities in Brussels and follow up the development of European regulations likely to affect the multiwall paper sack industry.

EUROSAC represents a forum for its members to define common positions and a place of exchange of skill and knowledge, all the while assuring mutual respect amongst manufacturers and adherence to the Competition of Law Compliance Programme.

The Federation embodies over 75% of the European paper sack manufacturers operating in 20 countries, collaborating as Ordinary members. Their production represents more than 5 billion paper sacks, which represents 650,000 tons of paper converted in 60 plants.

EUROSAC counts more than 20 companies as Associate members, suppliers to the paper sack industry (paper, machine, ink or glue manufacturers) and who are notably active in the Federation.

The EUROSAC Secretariat
23/25 Rue d’Aumale
F-75009 Paris

Telephone: + 33 1 47 23 75 58