CITPA’s mission is to coordinate and exchange information, and where possible, undertake joint actions on issues of common interest to the paper and board converting industries, with a special emphasis on packaging. CITPA co-operates closely with its members and strongly encourages effective synergies between National Federations, Associations and forest-based industry key players in order to increase the efficacy of its lobbying and to optimise the use of resources.

CITPA represents the interests of the paper and board converting industry in front of the European Institutions. European legislation and policies are of growing importance for the paper and board converting industry.

More than 70% of economic, environmental and social laws are determined by the European institutions and the governments of the EU member states are obliged to integrate EU laws in their national legislation. Consequently, paper and board converting companies in Europe need a common, strong and independent representation of their interests when helping to shape the EU policies or when interacting with the EU Institutions. Equally, the European Institutions need a competent and knowledgeable body to speak to and for the paper and board converting industry. CITPA is the link between the member Federations and Associations and the European Institutions.