This prize was first offered in 1967 by Dr. Julius Grant; it followed on from the Marsh Prize competition, which was instituted in 1956 and ran until 1965. The Award is a prize to the value of £1000 sponsored jointly by PITA and the Julius Grant Trust Fund. All personnel in the industry and its allied trades are eligible, ideally under 30 years of age by 1st July of the year of the competition. The candidate submitting an entry for the prize must be sponsored by an individual who is a member of the Association, and the award is made by the Trustees of the Julius Grant Trust Fund.

Conditions / Rules:
1. The award is made on an annual basis.
2. Contributions should not normally exceed 4,000 words in length.
3. A candidate may submit only one entry in any single year.
4. Candidates must complete an entry form, available from the Association Office and submit it with the entry to the Association no later than 31st October (or other date given by the trustees), of year of the competition.
5. A panel of referees nominated by the PITA Board, and who are acceptable to the Trustees, will study the entries and award the prize to the candidate who merits the award on the quality of the paper submitted.
6. All decisions by the panel of referees regarding the award are final.
7. The referees or trustees may not comment to the candidates who enter on the relative merits between papers submitted.
8. Candidates may submit a paper or essay article especially written on any specific theme relating to the technical aspects of the industry.
9. Any work previously presented at an Association event (such as a Conference, Discussion or Working Group meeting) or published in Paper Technology, the official Journal of the Association, within eighteen months prior to the closing date for receipt of entries, may be submitted for consideration (i.e. from April of the previous year to 31st October of the year of the award).
10. Candidates not gaining the award may re-enter the competition in subsequent years providing that they qualify in relation to the rules and conditions governing entry for the Julius Grant Essay Prize.
11. No Candidates may receive the award a second time.

Trustees of the Julius Grant Trust Fund authorise the award. The Trustees will normally inform the name of the winner and title of the paper to the Association Awards committee in the calendar year following the year of the competition. Such meeting of the Committees to take place before the Annual General Meeting unless exceptional circumstances prevail and are notified by the Trustees.

The presentation of the award shall normally take place at a public event organised by the Association.

The Julius Grant Prize has previously been awarded to:-

1969 Dr. R.W. Hoyland
1971 J. Mulcahy
1972 C.R. Burgess
1974 D.J. Townsend
1978 C.J.H. Pycraft
1980 S. Shahaney & G.P. Voss
1981 J.S. Gangolli
1982 J.M. Bowman & G.M. Tuplin
1984 A.J. Hayes
1985 N.P. Board
1987 A.J. Gordon
1989 Mary MacDonald & N.A. Gostick
1990 Ya Jun Zhou
1991 Fiona Leslie & P. McGenity
1993 J. Phipps
1996 Katheryn Watson
1997 J. Fleur Priestley
2005 Ben Pruden
2006 Kate Leach
2007 Kathleen Hoy
2008 Claire Harrigan