Renaissance Chemicals

Renaissance Chemicals is a flexible company offering speciality products for the paper machine and for the paper mill laboratory.

They are an established supplier of OBA Quencher and speciality dyes, but work with other suppliers to provide added value for paper and tissue:-

1. Biomaster for medical, hospital and food hygiene paper, from Addmaster(UK)Ltd
2. Tissue Balm (Aloe Vera etc) from Inovia International Ltd.

Their range of laboratory products was built upon microscopy stains, and now has products for the paper mill lab., including Nile Red stain for detecting the big issue of the moment - Microplastic contamination of watercourses. Nile Red is also used in flow cytometry. Traditional products such as Hercules Size Test Inks are also offered.

Unit 1, Blackwood Hall Business Park, North Duffield, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 5DD
Tel: +44(0)1757 282101
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Contact: Howard Weaver


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