24 May 2022. The program for Expo 2022, which will take place from June 29 to July 1, 2022, as a face-to-face event at the RheinMain CongressCenter (RMCC) in Wiesbaden, has been finalized - and with it, the countdown to the event, which will be held as a live event again after two years, has begun!

We expect a very high occupancy rate with participants and exhibitors and will offer a top-class lecture framework for it!", explains Petra Hanke, Managing Director of ZELLCHEMING Service GmbH.

The lectures will address current approaches of the paper and cellulose fiber-based industry on the way to a climate-friendly bio-economy and will focus on initiatives and lighthouse projects, such as the pioneering investment in a new paper machine by Hamburger Containerboard in Spremberg, Brandenburg, near the German-Polish border, which also have relevance beyond the industry. Exhibitors are involved via best-practice applications and the latest technologies for process and product innovation.

Program highlights
The event will kick off on June 29 with a panel discussion entitled: “Awareness for Sustainable Products”. Here, politicians and representatives of the German Paper Industry Association will be joined by environmental activist Felix Finkbeiner of "Plant for the Planet". The first day will then end with the Science Flash: a platform for the next generation of the industry - in the form of short presentations, up-and-coming scientists will give insights into their innovative work in an entertaining way.

On the second day of the fair, one of the highlights will be the Women4Paper meeting, which is particularly aimed at women in the pulp and paper industry. Four years after its founding during ZELLCHEMING Expo 2018, the network already includes nearly 300 female representatives from the industry. Gabriele Diewald, Professor of German Linguistics at Leibniz University in Hanover, Germany, has been engaged for the keynote address, which will focus on the topic of gender-equitable language. This will be followed by keynote speeches from women sharing their experiences in and with this industry, as well as the official launch of the Women4Paper mentoring program, which will start in the fall.

In the evening, the ZELLCHEMING Summer Evening attracts participants to a very special location: the venue is the Chausseehaus, located in Wiesbaden's Stadtwald forest, just outside the Rheingau region. Participants can expect a unique networking event with a varied program and culinary delights. Bus transfer, food and drinks are included in the admission price.

The third day is also dedicated to a topic that could hardly be more topical: "Energy, Environment, Climate". After all, achieving sustainability, i.e., combining economic growth with ecological goals, is currently one of the greatest challenges.

Join via app or online
In view of the positive experiences in the Virtual Days 2021, ZELLCHEMING will further expand its role as a virtual pioneer and organize the Expo 2022 as a hybrid event with digital reach extension. The so-called ZELLCHEMING Virtual Days became the ZELLCHEMING Virtual World, a thematic island on the web where all content can be found, partly already before the Expo, in live stream for online participants during the Expo and as back-up afterwards.

Petra Hanke: "The digital platform is a perfect fusion of digital and on-site experience. Reach, attendance, and engagement are increased for exhibitors. Whether on-site or online, attendees at our Expo 2022 in are also more mobile than ever, chatting, reviewing, learning about companies, and sharing valuable content with their friends and colleagues - all of which we enable with a dedicated app."

More information: ZELLCHEMING-Expo (talque.com)
Registration: https://pretix.eu/zellcheming/EXPO-2022/

Premiere for the ZELLCHEMING Conference
Quasi as a prelude to a ZELLCHEMING Paper Week, the "ZELLCHEMING Conference - Cellulose-Based Materials" will be held for the first time from June 26 to 29, also in the RMCC in Wiesbaden. The conference bridges the gap between innovative research on cellulose-based and cellulose-derived polymers and scientific work in the field of the most well-known material made of cellulose: paper.

The event will feature 25 scientific and technical presentations by internationally renowned speakers, dedicated to the great potential of cellulose. Based on a joint initiative of professors from the Technical University of Darmstadt and the University of Jena, as well as the ZELLCHEMING association with its technical committees, the conference brings together industry and research institutes in the fields of chemistry, physics and engineering and facilitates an active exchange. Young researchers are also actively involved and present their own work as a poster show.

The program of the three-day conference is divided into different sessions: Cellulose Chemistry and Physics; Paper Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Lignocellulose; Paper and Pulp Engineering; and Paper Engineering, Physics & Characterization. Highlights include insights into pharmaceutical and bio-, medical applications, cellulose processing capabilities, film manufacturing, paper-based diagnostic tools, or sustainable energy generation.