3 May 2022. Valmet introduces a renewed Valmet DNA Online Condition Monitoring solution, which provides automated anomaly detection technology and connection to both wired and wireless vibration sensors. The solution enables the use of optimal measurements and analysis for each machine, based on their criticality and field conditions.

Condition monitoring is part of the Valmet DNA Automation System, providing machine condition information in the same user interface as the process automation. The single system significantly improves collaboration between operations and maintenance teams.

The new Valmet DNA User Interface is available in a local network or remotely through a secure internet connection. Users can flexibly manage the process and maintenance information from the same system, based on their user rights.

Automated anomaly detection and diagnostics allow users to focus on planning the correct maintenance actions

The renewed system features an automated anomaly detection, which reports the changes in key vibration parameters and provides an early indication of possible machinery fault. Anomaly detection is based on measurement history and therefore preset alarm limits are not needed. The automated diagnostic application identifies fault types and severity based on the measured vibration data. This allows users to focus on planning the correct maintenance actions to improve efficiency and uptime.

The right vibration monitoring solution for each machine
Valmet provides a wide range of vibration sensors for various machinery. In addition to traditional wired vibration sensors, Valmet now introduces wireless vibration sensors and measurement modules. These can be divided into three categories: wireless piezoelectric accelerometers, wireless Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometers, and wireless measurement modules for external sensors.

Wireless piezoelectric vibration sensor WVS-100 offers the same high-quality measurement as traditional wired piezoelectric sensors, capable of measuring even the earliest indications of a developing fault. Wireless MEMS WVS-200 provides a cost-efficient monitoring solution with more limited measurement characteristics. It is a valid option for less-critical machinery or as an alternative for route-based condition monitoring.

Wireless measurement modules WMM-100, WTM-100, and FM4 are designed for connecting external vibration and trigger sensors via cable and transmitting the measurement wirelessly forward. The modules are useful in cases where there is a need to use existing or specific sensor types, but cabling is expensive or impractical.

The new Valmet DNA Condition Monitoring provides automated anomaly detection technology for wired and wireless measurements. It improves maintenance efficiency by providing early warnings for possible machinery faults.

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