28 Mar. 2022: Love Paper® is a global campaign to explain the sustainable and attractive attributes of print, paper and paper-based packaging.

Run by not-for-profit organisation, Two Sides, the campaign seeks to tell consumers across the world the positive messages about paper, print and paper packaging, from its environmental credentials to its ability to improve mental wellbeing, help with learning and enhance creativity. Paper is renewable, recyclable and the natural support of new ideas and creativity.

Love Paper presents the sustainable facts around print, paper, and paper packaging in a simple and consumer friendly way. Through national newspaper and magazine advertising (space donated to us), social media and supported by a website, we reach more than 20 million consumers every month in the UK. Our key sustainability messages explain the high recycling rates of 74% for paper and 83% for paper packaging, the highest of any material in the world, and the fact that European forests are growing in size by the equivalent of 1,500 football pitches every day.

By using the Love Paper logo on paper-based marketing and paper packaging, you are informing your customers that your brand is environmentally aware, making sustainable choices backed up with facts and statistics. By connecting with our national adverts and social media campaign, we encourage consumers to find out more about the sustainability of print, paper and paper packaging by visiting the Love Paper website for the facts. www.lovepaper.org

Download the Love Paper Logo Information Sheet to explain why brands should use the Love Paper logo, and encourage them to promote the sustainable story of print, paper and paper-based products!