18 Jan. 2022. A new study by Royal Mail MarketReach and Warc shows that almost half of Generation Z trust mail ads and 42% have searched for a brand online after receiving a piece of direct mail. Titled ‘Driving Effectiveness Through Direct Mail’, the report finds that 20% of 15-24 year-olds made a purchase off the back of a mail ad, while 84% scanned a QR code, which led them to interact with a brand online.

“There is a perception that Gen Z don’t respond to mail, which means they don’t get sent any,” says Phil Ricketts, Wholesale Commercial Director at Royal Mail MarketReach. “This creates a huge opportunity for engagement.”

The study chimes with other reports that suggest direct mail is enjoying a resurgence, finding that 70% of consumers have been driven to an online activity by direct mail, with 35% of campaigns that use direct mail recording an ROI benefit, compared to the UK average of 23%.

“There has been a marked shift in retailers using mail marketing because of the decline of high streets,” says Phil. “Brands now need to leverage more direct forms of marketing.”

To find out more about the MarketReach study, go to www.marketreach.co.uk