18 Jan 2022. Late last year the CPI launched, in partnership with the Paper Gold Medal Association, the 2022 Paper Industry Gold Awards.

These new awards celebrate the best of the UK’s Paper-based Industries across a range of categories designed to showcase the excellence within the industry. The awards will culminate in the Paper Gold Medal, which is a lifetime achievement award for service above and beyond the norm in the UK’s Paper-based Industries.

There are six Award catagories in addition to the prestigious Gold Medal:

Paper recycling is not a knee-jerk response to environmental pressure, it is an integral part of the UK’s Paper-based Industries and it has its own sophisticated infrastructure. Around 80% of UK-made paper utilises recovered paper which is by far the biggest source of recyclate from domestic waste streams. The Recycling Award is here to identify successful projects, initiatives, and campaigns run by member companies to enhance recycling and more broadly contribute to the UK’s sustainability through activities supporting paper and board recycling.

The Net Zero Award is an award to recognise a company that has made positive strides towards de-carbonising, whether that be via general operations or with a specific project/ plan. The award is designed to acknowledge the work of businesses who are moving towards renewable energy alternatives, and going above and beyond to reach the UK and the industry’s aspiration to be net zero by 2050. The success of projects or wider operations should be demonstrable/measurable.

The Community Engagement Award will be given to a member company that, in the opinion of the judges, has clearly demonstrated an outstanding and successful Community Engagement campaign. This should have had a positive effect on the public at large or specific groups. It can include for example raising money for charity, supporting local education, and/or developing your local community.

The UK Paper Industry is dedicated to improving the Health and Safety of its staff. The industry plays a key role in the PABIAC initiative and works with the HSE and trade unions to promote a safety culture. It is vital that companies strive to prevent death, injury, and ill health to those at work within it. This award recognises companies that have gone above and beyond to ensure a safer and healthier working environment for their staff, whether that be through innovative safety projects or initiatives to support the health of their staff.

The Sustainable Innovation Award is designed to recognise the innovative work of companies across the sector. Companies should enter specific projects or initiatives which are pioneering in the field, and which will benefit the future of the industry by making the production process more efficient, sustainable and minimising the wider impact on our environment. Entrants are encouraged to consider not only the impact of innovative developments on in-house manufacturing processes but also their effect on the entire supply chain.

The Skills Award will recognise a company that has made a significant investment in skills development and training. Companies can enter specific programmes or initiatives which focus on the development of skills within their workforces and which benefit the future development of the industry by facilitating innovation, greater sustainability and the attractiveness of the industry to new recruits. Entrants are encouraged to consider not just the impact of a more highly skilled workforce on their own operations, but also the wider reputation of their companies and the industry at large.

The Paper Gold Medal is now over 50 years old and is presented annually to an individual, in recognition of personal excellence and achievement beyond their normal duties, who has made a unique contribution to the UK’s Paper-based Industries. Nominations are sought from companies or individuals who recognise a person who has demonstrated excellence and achievement, beyond their normal duties, and who has made a unique contribution to the wider UK’s Paper-based Industries.

The venue and timing of the awards event are still being finalised. CPI will be booking a prestigious and easily accessible venue for Spring 2022 and will share the details of the event once they are confirmed.

Entry to the Paper Industry Gold Awards is free, as is attendance at the awards event.

The closing date for entries is Friday 11th February 2022.