13 Jan 2022. The international exhibitions in the UAE Zone is continuing safely during the pandemic. UAE is the safe zone for the pandemic and provide reassurance and confidence for the participants in a safe environment. As the Paper One Show we care about your health and safety standard. We provide the highest levels of hygiene and safety at our event.

The 7th edition of Paper One Show will be the meeting point of the global paper, tissue, paper products, and machinery industry and be welcoming the leading companies of the sector in the UAE in Paper One Show UAE 2022 on 7-8-9 March!

Unicharm (Taiwan)
The overseas operations of Unicharm began with the establishment of a local subsidiary in Taiwan in 1984. We expanded mainly through Asia during the 1990s, established joint ventures in Korea and Saudi Arabia in 2005 and purchased the diaper manufacture of Australia in 2008. We currently have 21 local subsidiaries in over 80 countries around the world including East Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, and we mainly offer disposable diapers and sanitary products in these markets.

Kocal Kagit (Turkey)
Koçal Paper Industry, which was established as a family company, started production in the industrial cleaning paper sector in 1995. With a monthly production capacity of 750 tons, Koçal Paper Industry has gained a strong place in the cleaning paper sector by adding BRAVA and TAMİ brands to its own brands SOSİ and VİLO. Breaking grounds in the field of non-home use, Koçal Paper Industry makes a difference with its SOSİ and VİLO brands and offers different options with its BRAVA and TAMİ brands.

Innova Tissue (Italy)
The beginning of our story in TISSUE sector has started 30 years ago. The experience and knowledge that we have acquired over the years working with the most important worldwide players, allow us to find the best solutions for TISSUE equipment. Innova Tissue is in a continuous search to improve its services and offer new opportunities to its customers.

Engraving solutions (Italy)
Organized to be a resource for all of you that are looking for an Engraving, Cutting, Router or Permanent marketing solution for your particular application. You might not even know if an engraving system is what you are looking for. Maybe you are a hospital administrator tasked with doing ADA signs in house to control costs, quality, and reducing the time to get your ADA signs.

Italprogetti Spa (Italy)
Founded by Mr. Mario Serrini in 1977 in Ponte a Egola (Pisa), in one of the most important tanning districts in the world, the company has over the decades pursued the constant goal of production, organizational, dimensional and entrepreneurial growth, giving particular attention to developing markets and the possibility of diversification and expansion outside of the tanning sector, such as the filtration sector of extra virgin olive oil or that of water purification in the paper sector.

Do not miss this opportunity and discover the power of global trade.

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