22 Oct. 2021. A total of six European associations along the paper and board value chain have joined forces to form the "Fibre Packaging Europe" coalition.

The informal alliance includes the European Paper Industry Association CEPI, the European Folding Carton Association ECMA, the European Federation of the Corrugated Board Industry FEFCO, the European Paper Packaging Alliance EPPA, the industry association Pro Carton and the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (SFIF).

The common task of the newly launched coalition is to offer renewable, recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions made of paper and board in order to be able to achieve the goals of the European Green Deal.

"At a time when the EU's Green Deal is driving the overhaul of European packaging legislation, we have joined forces to raise awareness of the importance of paper and board packaging in meeting European climate and environmental targets. We look forward to working with EU policymakers, fostering constructive dialogue and providing our collective knowledge and expertise to achieve our common goal," says European Carton Makers Association CEO and Fibre Packaging Europe Chairman Mike Turner.

1: EUWID Verpackung, Germany, Gernsbach
2: CCB - Cepi Containerboard Organisation, Belgium, Bruxelles/Brussel
3: ECMA European Carton Makers Associations, Netherlands, 's Gravenhage (Den Haag)
4: EPPA - European Paper Packaging Alliance, Netherlands, 's Gravenhage (Den Haag)
5: FEFCO I.A. Fédération européenne des fabricants de carton ondulé, European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers, Belgium, Bruxelles/Brussel
6: Pro Carton, Association of European Cartonboard and Carton Manufacturers, Switzerland, Zürich