22 Sept. 2021. With our latest development we have managed to create climate-smart compounds that performs on a similar or even higher level in some cases, than traditional engineering plastics like ABS, PPGF and HIPS.

We listened to your request and created a material option in our portfolio with the ability to to replace commonly used engineered plastics:

- That have high technical performance and that meet most safety requirements
- A material that is durable and appealing, keeping its look and feel over time
- A cost effective material that help realizing your sustainability agenda

The compound containing fibers from sustainable FSC©-certified Nordic wood, have yielded improved material characteristics in impact resistance while keeping high-performance in stiffness, strength and heat resistance. This enables us to present compounds which meets the technical requirements of engineering plastics such as ABS, PPGF and HIPS, while having a significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Our material can both be recycled and applied in designed take-back systems.

The material has also been part of a small study from Chalmers University together with Husqvarna Sweden. During these tests, the material performed very well and passed as relevant applicable substitute to the current version. You can read the full report here.

This material is suitable for customers who are looking for substituting technical plastics with an environmentally friendly material, which can perform on the same technical level as ABS, HIPS and PPGF. Although it could be used in a wide range of applications, we see it especially applicable to household electronics as it holds similar material properties as the engineered plastics commonly used here.

We treat all customer dialogues as a learning opportunity. We listen and adapt to be relevant to your needs. This has enabled us to develop and add yet another material option to our product portfolio.