29 July 2021. FMW is a leading supplier in external fuel handling systems for Biomass installations and was awarded the EPC contact to supply the Far East’s largest Biomass power plant to date - with a 106 MWth boiler.

The order covered all aspects of the external fuel handling systems, the main equipment provided being the following:

• Truck Unloading Station (Demolition wood chip) 2 x 42,5 t/h
• Truck Unloading Station (wood pellets) 2 x 62,5 t/h
• Overs Screening for DWC 85 t/h
• Ferro Non-Ferro Separation Eddy Current
• Fuel Storage DWC net 2 x 5.000 m³
• Fuel Storage WP net 2 x 5.000 m³
• Boiler Feeding Line DWC 50 t/h
• Boiler Feeding Line WP 80 t/h
• De-dusting units #11 total 114.000 m³/h
• Fire fighting FMW
• Gas analyzer for fuel storage FMW
• N2-Generation for fuel storage FMW
• Vacuum cleaning system FMW
• Truck washing facility FMW
• DCS (Valmet) FMW

FMW image

FMW provided mechanical and electrical Installation and Start-up, including commissioning & training.

The plant started up in 2021, the owners having favoured FMW for its turnkey approach to their demands of high quality and superior reliability.

Much of FMW’s Biomass activity is dedicated to the Pulp & Paper Industry and they offer complete systems and refurbishment upgrades to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fuel handling systems.

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