PITA Corporate Supplier Members have issued the following updates on new products and services: ABB; Pilz, Toscotec; Valmet.


ABB – Tear Tester
ABB has launched its market-leading L&W Tearing Tester with enhancements to ease operator use and safe handling, expand on tearing resistance testing capabilities and improve digital connectivity.

Paper mills already recognize the instrument for safely and accurately measuring tearing resistance on all paper grades and its unique automation, digitalization and safety features. Tearing resistance is a crucial determinant of product toughness and machine runnability and can help mills characterize pulp to determine if refining and reinforcement fibers are optimized.

ABB’s L&W Tearing Tester, which uses a pendulum to further tear a pre-cut sample, helps mills achieve tearing strength results faster with automatic clamping and notch cutting of the sample piece as well as automatic pendulum release, catch and retraction. Plus, testing for different grades is now faster than ever with interchangeable weights for the instrument’s one pendulum.

Lab technicians will benefit from a user-friendly touchscreen and more ergonomic-friendly operation. They will also be better protected with the two-hand operation requirement, avoiding contact with moving parts and the blade, and a unique pendulum safety guard that minimizes the risk of injury without interrupting the pendulum swing or slowing the test.

The instrument interfaces with ABB’s L&W Lab Management System, a web-based automated data acquisition and lab reporting solution that helps halve lab procedure times. With its capability to connect to ABB Ability™ Manufacturing Execution System for pulp and paper, manufacturers gain visibility of data across the mill and the entire enterprise to ensure consistent product quality.
“All mills aim for the best possible product toughness and machine runnability, and yet many struggle with measurement challenges – such as reliability or repeatability – associated with ageing equipment that could affect improvement opportunities,” said Per Sandstrom, Head of Lab and Process Testing Measurements for ABB Pulp & Paper.

“The new ABB L&W Tearing Tester is the only instrument on the market that combines the best modern automation, digitalization and safety advancements to deliver accurate and repeatable tearing strength results to help expedite quality and machine optimization.”
As the worldwide market leader for paper testing technical support, with local service organizations in all markets, ABB provides a comprehensive support network for the L&W Tearing Tester using L&W-specific calibration devices that are regularly certified with traceable calibration from global certification institutes.

For further information on ABB L&W Tearing Tester, please visit: https://new.abb.com/pulp-paper/abb-in-pulp-and-paper/products/lorentzen-wettre-products/laboratory-paper-testing/paper-strength-testing/l-w-tearing-tester

Pilz – Mechanical safety gate system PSENmech
As the big brother of the safety switch PSENmech, the safe mechanical safety gate system PSENmech with guard locking offers an economical solution for safe monitoring of movable guards. The safety gate is securely locked until the hazardous machine movement has stopped. Any unintended restart of the hazardous movement is prevented.

Economical, basic solution for safety gate monitoring with safe guard locking – Benefits to you

• Suitable for accessible doors thanks to escape and emergency release options
• Flexible and fast installation thanks to various actuators and an M12 connection
• Long product service life as the head section and 3D actuator are made of metal
• Housing is insensitive to dirt, dust-tight and waterproof
• Suitable for connection to decentralised modules such as PDP67 or PSS67 thanks to M12, 5-pin product types
• Safe complete solution with configurable safe small controllers PNOZmulti 2, for example

Features of the mechanical safety gate system PSENmech with guard locking

• Monitors the position of movable guards in accordance with EN 60947-5-1
• Designed for applications up to PL e of EN ISO 13849-1, SIL CL 3 of EN/IEC 62061 (2 devices must be used to meet the highest requirements)
• Holding force: 1500 N
• Actuation directions: 5 (including from above)

Application options of the mechanical safety gate system

Thanks to integrated guard locking, the secure safety gate system PSENmech is suitable for personal and process protection and can be used in numerous industries and applications.

Particularly if you are looking for an economical basic solution for safety gate monitoring, then the mechanical safety gate system PSENmech is right for your application. PSENmech with guard locking can be expanded with an escape release or emergency release.


Toscotec – Rewinders
Following a complete design upgrade of its rewinder line, Toscotec launched the new OPTIMA rewinders. The new line has achieved recognition in the market with eight rewinders already sold in Europe, North America and Asia, including single and double width machines.

With six OPTIMA lines as part of turnkey orders by C.A.S. Paper Mill in Thailand, Paloma in Slovenia, Cartiera Confalone in Italy and Essel in Turkey, Toscotec further strengthens its position as advanced technology supplier of complete lines from the tissue machine down to the rewinder. The other two rewinders were sold to leading tissue manufacturers that remain confidential.

The new OPTIMA line preserves the bulk and softness of the parent reels and boosts winding performance, thereby increasing the overall production efficiency.

Securing softness and quality
Through an innovative combination of center wind assist control of the parent reels, unwinding web tensioning system and rewinding nip control system, OPTIMA rewinders preserve tissue quality and deliver optimal reel uniformity.

The unwinding stands feature a compensation system for out-of-round parent reels and a Center Wind Assist (CWA) control, which consists of a combination of belt driven and center drive system, which reduces the pressure applied on the paper by the belts of the unwinding stands. Compared with different systems available on the market, this system reduces the generation of dust and the installed power, which is shared between the belt and the CWA through a motor torque sharing design.

OPTIMA’s efficient web tensioning system avoids elongation loss throughout the rewinder. This is achieved by continuously and precisely controlling the speed of the drive motors, also during machine acceleration and deceleration, in order to carefully guide the paper down to the rewinding station, while avoiding stretching it.

The rewinding section features an automatic nip control system, operating through the load cells installed on the rider roll and the core chucks, which send continuous feedback to the control system, so that the actual thickness and bulk of the wound reel is detected and adjusted in real time.

As a result, bulk loss is guaranteed to be less than 3% and the elongation loss below 2 units.

Higher production efficiency
OPTIMA control system delivers the highest operation accuracy by ensuring that the wound reels have the same length and density. Uniform reel density throughout the mill’s working shifts results in an increase of winding efficiency and ultimately converting efficiency.

OPTIMA’s nip control system and the consequent preservation of the bulk properties of the parent reels allow for a reduction of the creping ratio set on the tissue machine, thereby avoiding slowing down the tissue machine and reducing its daily production because of excessive elongation on the rewinder. This results in an increase in the overall efficiency of the tissue line.

The OPTIMA rewinder line can be equipped with a fully automated shaft puller, featuring compact design for easy transportation and installation in limited space, and optimal alignment between the wound reel and the puller.

For further information, please contact: Marco Dalle Piagge, Sales Director, Toscotec Tissue division, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Valmet – Service Offering
Valmet streamlines its services to customers globally by introducing ‘Valmet’s way to serve’ concept. The aim is to provide the best customer experience in all the touch points of the customer journey. Valmet’s services are based on comprehensive services offering, lifecycle collaboration and core commitments.

“Over the years we have been constantly developing our services to improve the reliability and performance of our customers’ production processes. Valmet’s unique combination of process technology, services and automation and over 200 years of industrial experience form a strong basis to help our customers to reach the wanted maintenance and operational results of their production process,” says Aki Niemi, Business Line President, Services business line, Valmet.

Right combination of services for every stage in the lifecycle
Valmet’s services offering is designed to match customer’s specific need, whether it’s reduced energy and raw material costs, reduced process variability, optimized quality and production or enhanced environmental performance.

The services offering ranges from spare and process parts, workshop and roll services, and fabrics all the way to field services, maintenance development and outsourcing as well as process upgrades. The services are complemented with Industrial Internet solutions on-site and remotely. Depending on the need, the service solution can be provided as a one-time delivery or as a longer-term partnership through service agreements.

The key driver in Valmet’s way to serve is the lifecycle collaboration between the customer and Valmet.

“When planning the investment, together with the customer we can set the foundation for optimized operational results for the production process to come. Services can help to accelerate the start-up curve when ramping up the production. By working together in maintenance and operations, we can ensure maximized reliability and optimized performance of the production process,” Niemi says.

Safety comes first in all operations
Valmet’s four core commitments to customers are: ‘Safety comes first,’ ‘Close to you,’ ‘Solutions to your needs’ and ‘People you can trust’.

“Safety is put before anything else in our daily operations. We support customers in reaching their safety targets. Our professionals work close to customers, through a network of over 100 service centers. Our experts are also available remotely with the help of Industrial Internet and remote technologies. We work closely with our customers to find exactly the right solution to their needs. We know that trust has to be earned, and we work hard to reach that goal every day”, concludes Niemi.