An update from David Brown Santasalo on how they continue to support paper mill gearboxes during the COVID-19 crisis, and a new antiviral product from Renaissance Chemicals which may help the fight against COVID-19.

David Brown Santasalo
David Brown Santasalo are pleased to be a key manufacturer during the ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) global pandemic. Enabling them to serve their customers in critical industries, including Paper, Defence, Energy, Power and Water.

As a global gear manufacturer, they continue to respond to the requirements of their customers and suppliers through these challenging times including providing a high level of support, 24/7. As a number of manufacturers are unable to accept new orders during the pandemic, DB Santasalo understands now more than ever, the importance of delivering their services to essential industries.

They can accept gearboxes for service, repair and overhaul into the UK facility in Huddersfield. Furthermore, the team is also able to provide on-site service and repair work at customer premises, where it is safe and logistically feasible to do so.

Urgent Gearbox Overhaul
David Brown Santasalo recently received a Suction Roll Press Gearbox from a key customer in the Paper industry. The gearbox is now undergoing a strip and inspection with their team of experts, before receiving an OEM standard overhaul. The gearbox will then undergo a thorough quality check and fresh coat of paint before being returned to the customer.

They have a long history in the paper industry with their heritage David Brown and Santasalo brands and can also offer third party service and repair to all competitor brands.

Health & Safety during COVID-19
The health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers remains an important priority to us and where possible our colleagues are working from home to reduce site movement and un-necessary travel.

We are committed to fulfilling our obligations to service key industry and as such, a number of our colleagues must be present on site. Therefore, we have implemented measures as advised by local government to ensure the safety of our people on site, which includes adopting the social distancing required to carry out their work safely.

Please contact 01484 465 5500 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to speak with a member of the team. To find out more about our products and services, please visit their website at   


Renaissance Chemicals

Renaissance Chemicals has been a consultant to Addmaster UK Ltd for many years.

Addmaster sells a particulate slow release silver biocide under the Biomaster trade name. It's a product that protects surfaces from spread of infection, not a biocide in the sense that papermills recognise. However, one mill has used it for years in a product destined for hospitals, regularly when MRSA was prevalent, very occasional nowadays.

It's added at the size press. It is also the active component of Dulux Sterishield paint for hospitals.

Addmaster has now had external tests done to check efficacy against viruses norovirus and feline covid virus. I'm pleased to report it is effective against both.