We contacted a number of major paper industry supply companies regarding their approach to maintaining supply of products and services during the COVID-19 pandemic, and obtained the following responses from ABB, ACATAxchem, Compact Engineering, ECOL Studio, Envirosystems, Heimbach, Honeywell, Petrofer, Pilz Automation, Rakem, and Spraying Systems


“During the COVID-19 crisis, governments and companies are having to make difficult choices, balancing people’s safety with economic livelihood. ABB is committed to supporting both: protect people, while helping businesses to stay operational during these challenging times,” said Peter Terwiesch, President Industrial Automation, ABB. “Remote services and digital solutions can make a major contribution to keep people safe, production running, and critical supply chains and economic livelihood preserved.”

As businesses are being directed to limit site work, the need remains to ensure that assets continue to operate across utilities, energy, process, hybrid and maritime industries, safeguarding food processing, power generation, water management, tissue production, data centers and the transportation of goods.

ABB is working with customers to ensure the access to field operators and service engineers who cannot be on-site at this time, by delivering control room livestreams, operational insights, process data and plant key performance indicators to users sheltering at home.

To ensure continuous operations, customers can access a suite of ABB remote-enabled solutions, including remote condition monitoring of critical assets; augmented reality maintenance support; online tools for training and spare parts stocking; and self-diagnoses that mitigate risk to assets, processes and security.

Many of these services are delivered to customers through ABB Ability Collaborative Operations, a suite of digitally enabled solutions and services, and its network of Collaborative Operations centers located around the globe. With 24/7 access, ABB domain experts and data scientists use digital technologies to help customers monitor assets, processes and risks; jointly derive insights from data; suggest mitigating actions; and provide critical remote assistance to help customers to keep production running.

Terwiesch continued: “We are committed to support our customers to run their operations safely, to keep the lights on, keep people connected, and help us all to weather this storm, together.”

If you have a need to ensure business continuity and productivity, ABB can help. Please visit https://new.abb.com/process-automation/collaborative-operations or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The entire Applied Chemicals International Group is fully aware of its responsibility to take care
about applications and supply of all of the customers and partners, even at this major global crisis.
All operations have been moved short term into protected zones, to ensure continuous smooth
proceedings throughout the time of tight restriction.

Presently all lines of our production, including all suppliers are fully operating and are well
prepared to such scenarios due to predefined emergency schedules to avoid down times. Our
teams are working out of home offices and operate partly at our offices and production sites. We
just kindly ask for your understanding, that all travelling is strongly reduced and just limited to

But our sales and service teams are available by phone for you anytime as usual and pleased to
serve your needs. For urgent service work or emergency cases and depending on the various
governmental rules, we can provide our technical service as long as all hygienic standards can be

For all logistic topics, we cooperate with well recognized forwarding companies only, but due to
unpredictable border controls and hold backs, there might be delays of supply. Therefore we
recommend you to set the timing of your orders earlier as usual and also to consider a higher level
of stock to avoid running empty during this restrictive times.

Of course our entire team remains available for you and is pleased to help and support you for all
topics raising. We are looking forward very much to service you as usual, even at this restricted
and difficult times.

The supply chain is only under pressure from logistics and demand caused by stock piling. Axchem had built stocks to cope with Brexit, and this has been helpful in that we had commenced running down stocks. In most cases we have at least 2 months’ supply. The concern is that drivers of trucks fall ill and delays occur. We request our customers place advanced orders and carry higher levels of stock to mitigate against tight delivery schedules. Otherwise, the supply situation is OK. Technical service is available; however, mills are restricting visits, therefore communication via Skype is increasing and travel reducing. Stuart Thomas, General Manager, Axchem (UK).

We will continue to supply spare parts that it manufactures itself and expects to be able to continue to supply parts that are manufactured for them. How long we will be able to supply parts from our sub-contractors is unknown. For spare parts, customers should email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try and maintain a presence in the office during normal office hours, so the phone 01845 525 356, can still be used. In an emergency, Tim Klemz can be contacted on 07710 804787.

We have invested in the very latest systems and controls which allows all of our customer-facing staff to work remotely and autonomously from the rest of the team. We will continue to use these systems to their full advantage over the coming months to respond to any need for self-isolation in any of the countries in which we are active. In conclusion, we can offer what Americans refer to as TLC:
1) Training: available online (customised and upon request)
2) Laboratory: In compliance with the current emergency regulations, the extensive territorial coverage of our offices allows us to continue sampling and analytical tests on the samples we receive in the central laboratory of Lucca. We can, therefore, guarantee your company all the testing services in compliance with current regulations!
3) Consultancy: Your trusted consultant will remain contactable
Cristina Lugli, Technical Key Account Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

At EnviroSystems, the UK’s leading producer of livestock bedding made from waste paper crumble, business continues as normal during COVID-19. As it has since 2001, the company is welcoming continued and new supply of raw materials from the paper industry.

Provisions have been made to continue production of its EnviroBed Original and EnviroBed Premium livestock bedding at the company’s flagship bedding production sites in Lancashire, Gloucestershire and Devon. Hauliers are continuing to deliver the product direct to farms across the UK to support the agricultural industry and specialist staff are available over the phone to handle enquiries of a technical nature on 020 8895 6241.

If you require further information please contact the company’s Managing Director, Liz Russell on 07791415135, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Operations Manager Henry Russell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Heimbach applies the latest recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institute regarding hygiene or travel. Our European production sites for paper machine clothing in Germany, England, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland have so far been producing without interruptions. Fortunately, our Chinese site in Suzhou, which serves mainly our Asian customers, has also almost returned to normal operation. The internationality of the Heimbach Group has proven itself in such a difficult situation and offers a good risk diversification. To date, we have had no interruptions in our supply chain when it comes to raw materials, labour, transport or production. Raw materials critical to our supply have been identified and are stocked in sufficient quality and quantity. We have increased safety stocks where necessary. In this respect, we consider ourselves well equipped to reliably serve you as our customer and thus ensure the trouble-free operation of your paper and board machines. Should situations arise that affect the delivery of Heimbach products, you will hear from us, unsolicited. For further information contact Hamish Parsons,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Behind the Scenes: Honeywell Remotely Helps Sheet Manufacturing Industry with Toilet Paper Production
Peter DeNicola, Global Technical Leader of Honeywell's Pulp and Paper/Continuous Web Solutions Center of Excellence, Honeywell Process Solutions
The global COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every aspect of our daily lives. Disruptions to supply chains, postponed maintenance shutdowns, and restricted travel combine to increase operational risks for paper mills and other critical manufacturers. Simultaneously, demand for key products like toilet paper for hygiene, filter paper for purification products, and packaging materials for shipping is peaking, making reliable quality production even more important.

Honeywell provides a solution that helps paper makers and sheet manufacturers continuously monitor key machine operating parameters. “Call to action” alerts ensure high product quality and system reliability. We can remotely diagnose control and process performance issues with corrective optimization to promote sustained peak production.

QCS 4.0 is purpose-built to monitor control/process performance and health of the measurement and control system, or Quality Control System – QCS. Automatic 24×7 analytics detect and alert users with role-based text or email messages that drive specific actions. System data is streamed to the cloud and rendered in dashboards that are accessible anywhere with an internet connection – like at a home office, for example - anytime via a smartphone, tablet or browser. Users can remotely monitor machines at multiple production sites and direct efforts to employees on site for corrective action. Remote Honeywell experts can complete the performance analysis and optimization cycle to drive operational improvements – furthering high production yield and quality with the most efficient use of raw materials and energy.

Now is an excellent time to leverage QCS 4.0 and Honeywell’s Sheet Manufacturing Center of Excellence (CoE) to ensure higher performance – and profits – from your paper machines, coaters, extruders, film lines and other sheet manufacturing production lines.

Getting started is easy – QCS 4.0 can monitor Honeywell DaVinci, MXProLine™ and Experion® MX QCS systems, as well as any QCS that supports OPC. No changes are required to the site QCS, and a system backup starts the onboarding process. Connection from site QCS to cloud is flexible and can follow three paths. The Honeywell ICS Shield™ option enables remote access to the QCS and delivery of additional remote support and services:
• QCS 4.0 Edge Device and Router direct to the Honeywell Cloud
• Honeywell ICS Shield, an industry-leading top-down OT cybersecurity management solution for securing connected industrial environments
• QCS 4.0 Virtual Edge Device and Customer Internet Gateway, leveraging Honeywell’s Cloud Connector Software

QCS 4.0 is offered in a tiered subscription with a very affordable entry-level option. Remote expert-guided tuning and optimization is available from the CoE as a one-time service, as part of a bundled QCS 4.0 periodic subscription, or as a proactive component of an Assurance 360 for a QCS program. When combined with the ICS Shield solution, a full suite of QCS and DCS maintenance, diagnostic, and support services can be performed remotely, speeding issue resolution and keeping systems cyber secure.

For immediate issues, our customers can always reach GTAC (Global Technical Assistance Center) via the web (HoneywellProcess.com/Support).
To learn more, please visit: https://hwll.co/SheetManufacturing


Petrofer has no restrictions to report about current product availability, and we are not aware of any current supply bottlenecks for any raw materials. In the event of changes, e.g. due to the loss of a supplier, Petrofer will continue to be able to deliver at short notice and will keep you informed about changing scenarios and delivery issues. At present, our plants are continuing to manufacture without issues, and to date, our ability to deliver has not been restricted in any way by the Coronavirus. For further information contact Stuart Gregory, Managing Director Petrofer UK, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To aid training in this period we have launched a dedicated webinar channel, which plays host to a collection of previously broadcast Machinery Safety presentations. Scheduled monthly throughout the year, webinars aim to share the essential facts and updates on a range of key machinery safety topics and updates, covering key facts in a short session. Participants also have the opportunity to get instant support for specific questions with a question and answer function available throughout the presentations. To view the Pilz UK 2020 Webinar Schedule visit https://www.pilz.com/en-GB/company/schedules

We are working hard to ensure all orders run as smoothly as possible during the upcoming weeks. This includes the supply of raw materials such as Titanium Dioxide, Clay, Calcium Carbonate, Blanc Fix and other white fillers and extenders. Rakem always holds stock in the UK and is continuing to order as normal from European and Worldwide suppliers; as of yet there has been no interuption of supply. With regards to Titanium Dioxide, the majority of grades are manufactured at Venator’s Wynyard site in the North East. Rakem can provide all of the above raw materials in slurry form, from IBCs to road tankers. This is going to be a very difficult time for manufacturers in the UK and Rakem are here to support in as many ways as possible. For any further information please contact Kieran Rafferty, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our manufacturing centres across the globe remain open and will continue to supply our full range of nozzles and showers for the Paper Industry. We take employee welfare very seriously and have implemented additional safety procedures to protect our workforce as best as we can. All orders are shipped directly to our mill customers and we are not expecting any delays. Please contact your local Spraying System representative if you have any questions. We thank all our mill customers for their business and wish them well during this difficult time. David Yates, Regional Spray Specialist, Spraying Systems Co. (UK), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.