Valmet launched: (1) Valmet MCA (Microwave Consistency Analyser); (2) Valmet Total Solids Measurement – Valmet TS  for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants; (3) Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System (for lime kilns); (4) Valmet Pressure-fed Bow Screen, part of its stock preparation offering; (5) Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC2R); and (6) the innovative Valmet DNA User Interface (DNA UI).

(1) Valmet launches a completely redesigned Valmet Microwave Consistency Measurement – Valmet MCA (patent pending) for pulp and paper makers. Valmet MCA is now provided by digital electronics and the new Direct Sweep Detection measurement to offer higher performance measurement sensitivity and accuracy than competing analog designs.

A wider applicability with the new Twin Blade sensor
Valmet MCA’s new Twin Blade sensor complements the offering, along with the newly redesigned Flow Through sensor, by allowing paper and pulp makers to install it in larger pipe diameters. The Flow Through sensors are totally interchangeable with earlier installations.

With a wider applicability, the new Twin Blade sensor can also be used to measure unscreened pulp. The sensor’s completely redesigned clamp mounted probe is suitable for the much higher conductivity environment of chemical pulping.

“This new measurement technology is a leap forward in terms of performance and usability. For long Valmet has been the market leader in microwave consistency measurements with more than 6,000 deliveries. The new Valmet MCA now leads the way for all pulp and paper needs,” says Marko Heikkinen, Product Manager, Automation business line, Valmet.

The new and easy-to-use operating unit
Commissioning and operation have also been enhanced with the Valmet Bridge user interface, a new 7’’ touch screen control platform designed for use with Valmet process sensors and analyzers. With comprehensive diagnostics, Wi-Fi and Industrial Internet ready capabilities, Valmet Bridge user interface provides a user-friendly experience and intuitive access to transmitter operation and remote services from Valmet.

The industrial standard in total consistency measurement
Valmet MCA measures total consistency of the pulp process stream independent of fiber length, freeness, wood species or blend. The measurement is not affected by flow rate, brightness or color and enables better control for more efficient production, improved quality and economic savings with fewer process upsets and less off grade product. With low lifetime costs, the sensor is simple to install and requires no regular maintenance to keep commissioning and running costs to a minimum.
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(2) Valmet launches a completely redesigned Valmet Total Solids Measurement – Valmet TS (patent pending) for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Valmet Total Solids Measurements have gained an excellent reputation in wastewater treatment plants around the world for solids pumping control, thickening, digesting, dewatering and dry cake applications.

Now with the latest technology and materials, the new Valmet Total Solids Measurement is set to continue being the industry leader in microwave total solids measurements. New digital electronics replace the previous analog design which, together with the new Direct Sweep Detection measurement technology, further improves measurement sensitivity and accuracy with much higher resolution than earlier.

“The new measurement is a leap forward in terms of performance and usability. We have had outstanding success in wastewater industry with close to 2,000 measurements installed, which we can now build on as well as extending our efforts to industrial wastewater applications,” says Marko Heikkinen, Product Manager, Automation business line, Valmet.

New applications
The Valmet TS flow through sensor, totally interchangeable with earlier installations, is available in standard version with various sizes from 50 to 300 mm and high-pressure versions from 100 to 200 mm. For larger diameter pipelines a new Twin Blade sensor is available.

The new measurement is insensitive to component aging or temperature effects and can now be used in the much higher conductivity environment of industrial wastewater treatment. All sensor models are also Ex certified, expanding the areas of application considerably. A special non-stick lining provides increased resistance to contaminate build-up and helps to provide a maintenance-free installation.

Easy to use
Valmet TS utilizes microwave technology to determine total organic and inorganic solids content in the range of 0 to 50 percent. The single point calibration takes only a few minutes with an integrated pressure measurement providing the possibility to compensate for bubbles.

Commissioning and calibration are now enhanced with the Valmet Bridge user interface, a touch screen control unit designed for use with Valmet measurements. With comprehensive diagnostics and Industrial Internet ready capabilities, the new user interface provides an easy-to-learn and intuitive access to measurement operation and remote services from Valmet.
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(3) Valmet has launched a new Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System, which provides the highest quality lime kiln process monitoring for pulp mills. Combining the camera temperature information with process controls can improve combustion optimization and reburned lime quality, and reduce emissions. The system also allows visual evaluation of flame shape, size, and temperature profile. Reduced maintenance costs and greater visibility during start-up and full load conditions can also be achieved.

The Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging System is a rugged, air-cooled, HD visible camera paired with a high-resolution thermal sensor for real-time product temperature measurements. Designed for comprehensive observation and analysis of kiln environments, the camera system provides unparalleled image quality from start-up to full load conditions.

“There has been a very positive and enthusiastic use of this camera system during the initial pilot cases, most especially in observing and tuning the kiln burner flame during operation and start-up. It is exciting to see such an active customer engagement in using the camera features to monitor and improve their processes,” says Rodeo Winchell, Product Manager, Automation, Valmet.

The highest definition visible sensor results in superior image quality
Valmet Visible Thermal Imaging Systems are engineered for durability and longevity inside of hot, dusty environments, providing a low maintenance solution to many complex process challenges. Optional automatic retraction hardware protects the camera from overheating in the cooling air loss. Digital-only data transmission improves the reliability of video streams, eliminating unwanted noise or image signal degradation.

The Valmet Visible Thermal Viewer software combines the HD visible image with a high-resolution thermal sensor array. With up to eight customizable regions of interest for calculating temperature, users have full control over their data. Coupled with a user-friendly interface, it is simple to record images, view historical data trends, and configure temperature threshold alerts.
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(4) Valmet announces the launch of Valmet Pressure-fed Bow Screen, a versatile new addition to its stock preparation offering. The solution reinvents the traditional bow screen with a new, user-friendly design and improved nozzle arrangement enabling higher capacity and greater runnability than before.

Working to maximize the effectiveness of fiber recovery and pulp thickening processes, Valmet Pressure-fed Bow Screen is ideal for tissue making applications. Other primary applications of the equipment include shower water protection filtration, police filtration, felt hair removal and deinking stock washing.

“A primary driving force behind the new design was our goal to provide a better, safer user experience for our operators at the mill level,” explains Tony Bjorkenius, Business Manager, Disc Filters, Services, Valmet. “The equipment is engineered to provide better accessibility than ever before, with the focus on service, maintenance and everyday use.”

Valmet Pressure-fed Bow Screen is the company’s first new product that specifically leverages the technology, engineering and expertise gained from the acquired company GL&V. The product launch reinforces Valmet’s services approach “Shared Journey Forward”, a set of commitments that promises customers solutions built on their unique needs, safety, trust and accessibility.

(5) Valmet has launched a new Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC2R), which has been developed for recycled pulp manufacturing applications, as well as general stock preparation applications in paper, tissue, and board.

Valmet OC2R shares the total consistency measurement method utilized in the original Valmet Optical Consistency transmitter with the added capability of ash content available as a second measured value. Particularly in low-consistency measurements, Valmet’s optical transmitters are frequently the only possible measurement technique to provide reliable results. Valmet OC2R offers easy and low-cost installation with a measuring probe that makes insertion and removal possible without requiring special tools or a process stop.

For mechanical and chemical pulp, as well as for recycled fiber furnishes, Valmet OC2R is an ideal choice for control applications, from re-pulping and screening all the way to the machine chest.

“The addition of the ash measurement to total consistency opens new possibilities for recipe management in pulp blending, better broke handling, and reducing machine chest furnish variability. In recycled fiber processing, the benefits of the two measurements include better end product quality with improved strength and optical properties,” says Heikki Föhr, Product Manager, Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement, Automation business line, Valmet.

Technical information about Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC2R)
Valmet OC2R joins the Valmet Optical Consistency Measurement (Valmet OC) family of transmitters, each optimized for use with eucalyptus pulp, recycled fiber and chemical pulps in addition to mechanical furnishes. Installed in an area of turbulent flow, the temperature and vibration resistant probes are self-cleaning even in the demanding environment of recycled fiber processing. Sharing the same basic components and modules optimized for each application, they have gained a deserved reputation for accuracy, reliability, and ease of installation.
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(6) Valmet is taking process automation further by introducing a new web-based user interface for its Valmet DNA automation system. Leveraging modern web technologies, the innovative Valmet DNA User Interface (DNA UI) extends the use of automation system beyond the traditional control room.

The introduction of the DNA UI is a part of the continuous renewal of Valmet DNA automation system, which is used in pulp, paper, energy and other process industries around the world.

Relevant information based on the needs of different user groups
Intuitive user experience and serving the needs of various user groups has been the main focus in the development of the new Valmet DNA User Interface.

The system adapts shown information based on the needs of various users and user groups. Relevant information is delivered in visual, well-structured, easy-to-understand dashboards, process and sub-process views, which allows the users of the automation system control the process better than ever before.

“It is essential for us to understand how our customers consume information, so we can help different user groups to process information faster. In the new DNA User Interface, we have structured and visualized data in new ways to make the workflow more intuitive – which in turn helps to make faster conclusions based on the data,” explains Jukka Ylijoki, Vice President, R&D, Automation business line, Valmet.

Control room no longer sets boundaries for work
Traditionally, system information and people using it have been tied in the control room. Built with latest web technologies, Valmet DNA User Interface comes with a secure web-based access that enables the mill or plant teams to access relevant information whenever they need it, regardless of their location.

“From logistics and laboratory to the boardroom, the entire site community needs specific information about the process. With Valmet DNA User Interface, users no longer need to stay in the control room to be on top of the situation,” Ylijoki continues.

Increased awareness leads to increased efficiency
With over 40 years of heritage in digital industrial automation, Valmet wants to make sure that industrial plants are safe and efficient to operate and that they meet the set quality and production targets.

“For the users, the new Valmet DNA UI will mean a complete feeling of awareness. They will always have the situation in hand and can easily manage information content to support their decisions. This leads to efficiency and helps to achieve savings throughout the process,” Ylijoki says.

Valmet DNA User Interface is the first web-based user interface on the market that can be delivered also as an upgrade to an existing Valmet DNA automation system. This means that in the future the existing customers can unlock the benefits the web-based user interface offers via upgrade rather than a full system renewal.

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