As part of the construction of a new Combined Heat and Power plant at Kemsley Mill, pupils of the Regis Manor Primary school were invited to fill a time capsule to be buried close to where the site will be developed.

The school council carefully chose items to provide people in the future with a good understanding of what life was like in 2019. Items included a newspaper from the day of burial, some of their school work and drawings and written work on the importance of recycling. Three members of the school council joined a group of E.ON and Kemsley Mill executives to place the time capsule in the ground and were invited to help cover the hole in soil.

Graham Appleby, Kemsley Mill Site Facilities Manager, commented:
“This event was a great opportunity to involve the school children in a historic and significant time for the mill. The new Combined Heat and Power plant which has been designed and will be constructed and operated by E.ON will replace the existing Combined Heat and Power plant and extend E.ON’s partnership with the mill at the site for the next 20 years. The facility has been specifically designed to set the standards in efficiency, sustainability and reliability. The new plant will enable a carbon reduction of 36,000 tonnes per year, the equivalent of 30,000 medium-sized cars driving over 6,000 miles a year.

Once complete it will have an electrical capacity of around 75MW, generating steam and power for the mill production processes on site."

Time capsule 4