Purico Filtration Papers are proud to take a leap forward towards a more environmentally friendly future with the launch of an award winning new product, Puri Seal Green.

Puri Seal Green is 100% biodegradable heat-sealable filtration paper, using new technology, combating the issue of microplastic pollution from regular filter papers often used in tea bags and coffee pods.

Produced using corn starch and vegetable sugars, this compostable bioplastic technology replaces plastics in heat-sealable filter papers, allowing end consumers the opportunity to dispose of their products with a clear conscience either at home or with their local authority.

Throughout extensive product trials, Puri Seal Green has proven Plug n Play interchangeability with regular paper, whilst providing dependable seal strength with no impact on taste or quality.

Properties of Puri Seal Green include:

1. Certification of compostability to EN13432 standard.
2. Independent laboratory results offering evidence of disintegration in home compost.
3. Certification of GMO free bioplastic by Eurofins Laboratory.
4. Kosher / Halal approval and all relevant food safety certifications.

Puri Seal Green is available in a range of finishes such as plain, patterned and logo and is suitable for applications in tea bags, various coffee capsules and more.