Renaissance Chemicals Ltd has updated its range of Emrel speciality wax emulsions for the paper industry.

Emrel 1 is an economical non-ionic release agent used in moulded pulp products such as egg boxes. It is applied by spray.

Emrel 2 is a sophisticated non-ionic release agent. It’s excellent release properties are derived from the special wax it contains. The active component is a very hard wax with excellent lubricity. It gives clean release from hot surfaces. It is used as a mould release and can be used in speciality coating.

Emrel 3 is a sophisticated cationic release agent for stock addition, also containing very hard wax with excellent lubricity. It is used in applications where spray addition is not possible.

Emrel AL 14 is a cationic anti linting compound that is added to the stock. AL14 should improve Dennison Wax Pick.

Emrel AL15 is an anionic anti linting compound for size press addition. It should also improve Dennison Wax Pick.

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