The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) recently launched its Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) Programme, specifically designed to encourage and support industry investment in heat recovery technologies across England and Wales. The next application deadline is 31st May 2019 with two further deadlines of 31st July 2019 and 30th September 2019.

The Programme helps businesses to identify and invest in opportunities for recovering and reusing heat that would otherwise be wasted. Waste heat can be used in many ways, including re-used within the same industrial facility, by converting it to power, or feeding it into a heat network – helping businesses to grow revenue, lower fuel costs and cut emissions.

The government is supporting businesses that take part in the IHRS programme by providing them with the chance to bid for support from a total grant funding pot, worth £18 million – helping to co-finance their efforts to identify and invest in opportunities for recovering and reusing waste heat in the industry. The Programme is open to companies in all industrial manufacturing sectors as set out in the Office for National Statistics (ONS) Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes 10 to 33. The Programme is also open to data centres. The IHRS is technology neutral.

Eligible proposals that are well aligned with the objectives of the Programme will be able to apply for grants to partially fund the proposed project – with the potential to receive 50% of the cost of a feasibility study, 30% of preliminary engineering and 30% of detailed design and capital implementation. Uplifts are available for Small and Medium Enterprises and projects in Assisted areas.

BEIS recently awarded £15,898 to Iggesund Paperboard in February 2019, under the IHRS programme, towards carrying out feasibility study and preliminary engineering activities for their Workington site heat recovery project.

Iggesund Paperboard’s clients look for energy efficiency and sustainability in the manufacturing process. The IHRS Programme was a motivator for Iggesund in progressing this project, and an opportunity to tie up another loose end in the site’s resource loop. This has potential to save another 600 tonnes of CO2 annually.

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