Portals De La Rue (“Portals”) has become the first organisation in the world to be audited and certified according to Intergraf’s upgraded CWA 15374:2018, the leading standard for suppliers to the security print industry.

Portals becomes the first organisation to be CWA 15374:2018 certifiedAfter an intensive revision, the new CWA standard was published in May 2018. The adjustments were established on the basis of contemporary ISO standards based on both risk-based thinking and continuous improvement.

The Portals’ mills in both Overton and Bathford have proven that their efficient quality management meets the highest possible standards of the security printing world and that they comply with all aspects of Intergraf’s strict certification criteria.

“Security is paramount at Portals, so we are thrilled to be the first organisation in the world to be certified for Intergraf’s prestigious CWA 15374:2018 accreditation,” said Terry Stears, Director of Risk at Portals. “Whilst we have always been committed to delivering to the highest possible security standards, this certification means our customers can be confident we are going above and beyond to meet the extremely high standards of the security printing world.”

The new certificates have already been issued, with the official hand over to follow shortly.


(2 August 2018)