Request a free, no-obligation evaluation of your papermaking and cleaning operations to uncover opportunities to reduce water use. You may be surprised to learn how much water is wasted daily and how easy it is to prevent it.

How the evaluation service works:

1. Your local spray expert will visit your mill and evaluate shower performance and cleaning procedures

2. At the end of the inspection, recommendations will be made on how to reduce water use

3. In some cases, a second no-charge visit during shutdown or complimentary off-site nozzle testing in our spray labs will be recommended. This will allow your local rep to better quantify the potential water savings and calculate the ROI on any recommended equipment purchases

Not sure you need this service? Start by considering these common causes of water waste.

1. Use of worn shower nozzles. Even nozzles that are only slightly worn can waste millions of gallons each year by spraying over capacity. Nozzle wear isn't visible and is hard to detect

2. Use of the "fill-and-drain" method and/or workers equipped with open hoses to clean chests, headboxes and other equipment often results in dramatic waste of water and chemicals

3. Use of improperly sized nozzles, operating at the wrong flow rate or pressure or relying on older technology are other common sources of significant waste

Your local spray expert is specially-trained and knows how to spot and solve these challenges. You can take advantage of this expertise – at no charge and without obligation – and learn how to minimize water use while maintaining maximum performance.

Take advantage of this complimentary service and see how easy it can be to reduce your water use.

For more information download a leaflet: Tap into Savings