New survey reveals that nearly a quarter of millennials would rather lose one of their senses, than give up their phones indefinitely. A further 1 in 10 said they’d even sacrifice a finger.


• 23% chose smartphones over their five senses
• 38% would give up drinking
• 15% would swap sex for smartphones
• 10% would cut off a finger

Research by mobile app developers, Tappable, has revealed that close to a quarter of millennials would rather lose one of their senses, than be without their smartphones.

The survey, conducted in June this year, asked more than 500 males and females aged between 18-34 years what they would prefer to forgo if it meant they could keep their smartphones.

23% of respondents chose their smartphones over one of their five key senses – touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste.

Smell was the most common sense to be sacrificed, polling at 64%.

Swiping Left on Luxuries to Keep Their Phones
When asked what else they’d give up, 38% of millennials would give up drinking, 16% would stop travelling and 15% would give up sex.

And 10% said they would happily cut off one finger – of their choice.

One female respondent, who wished to remain anonymous said: “I can’t live without my phone, it’s integrated into every part of my life. To give up travelling, sex or my social life would render my phone useless – they are all completely co-dependent”.

Sam Furr, founder of Tappable, said: “Technologies close the gap on distant communities, creating a space that the younger generation can collaborate, interact and share. Something no other generation has experienced”.

Women Would Rather Tap Their Phones, Than Men
The findings were generally unaffected by gender, with the differences in responses being negligible, except when sex was concerned, with just 10% of male respondents choosing their phone over sex, versus 18% of females.

In another recent study by Tappable, it was found that 80% of male smartphone owners used dating apps the most, so the balance between talking about it - and doing it is being kept in careful balance, at least by men.

About Tappable
Tappable are a UK based agency delivering mobile strategies in the form of apps and games in a number of verticals and niches.

Survey Methodology
Tappable surveyed over 500 UK males and females aged 18-24 between 21/06/2018 - 23/06/2018 to discover what they would sacrifice to keep their phones. Respondents were asked 10 questions around their lifestyle preferences and had to decide whether their phones were more important. Tappable then analysed the results.