The board of trustees of the Papiertechnische Stiftung has resolved to bring about a change in the PTS leadership with the completion of the extensive restructuring of the institute. Mr Clemens Zotlöterer, the Commercial Director until now, took over the Chairmanship of the Executive Board from 01.04.2018. The outgoing Chairman, Prof. Dr. Frank Miletzky, will continue to function as Technical Director, so as to fully devote himself to the substantive orientation of the PTS.

In recent years the Papiertechnische Stiftung (PTS) has undergone comprehensive restructuring. Against the backdrop of an overall complex financing situation and the demands of top-notch research activity, it was not possible to sustain the management from 2 locations – Munich and Dresden/Heidenau – any longer. Last year it was decided to bundle the expertise in Heidenau and to dispose of the building owned by the PTS in Munich Schwabing. This was also accompanied by the closure of the VESTRA pilot coater. This radical restructuring of PTS was concluded on 31.03.2018.
Thus, it was possible to successfully bring about fundamental strategic changes, which would mean financial stability and sustainability for the institute. As a result, all the expertise of highly qualified and excellent scientists is now concentrated at one location.

Since 01.04.2018 the PTS is operating exclusively from the business address: D-01809 Heidenau, Pirnaer Str. 37.

With these strategic decisions, the board of trustees and the Executive Board of the Papiertechnischen Stiftung have set the course for continuity and a forward-looking development. The following will also be part of the range of activities of the PTS in the future:

(a) Fibres and their processing or modification, evaluation and preparation of recycled papers,
(b) Development of modern paper and non-woven applications,
(c) innovative packing solutions recovery paper, cardboard and composite materials, coding of pharmaceutical packaging, digital printing and digital processing techniques,
(d) sustainable mechanical solutions for barriers,
(e) Conformity assessment of paper and cardboard packaging including own analysis,
(f) new alternatives of data-based process management, including development of algorithms and innovative metrological solutions for industrial application,
(g) comprehensive testing service in accredited laboratories,
(h) modern mechanical characterisation and evaluation of paper and other fibre-based materials.

Our ultra-modern laboratories, a highly innovative technical centre and our motivated staff are all set to take up this challenge.

Further information about our activities, products and advanced training opportunities can be found under or write to us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..