The visit is the result of the cinematographer expressing his wish to find out about the papermaking process.

A great director visiting the Lucca papermaking district: that’s what happened yesterday at Sofidel, the paper manufacturer known for its Regina brand, with the visit of American cinematographer Oliver Stone, three-time Academy Award-winner (two for Best Director, one for Best Adapted Screenplay).

The visit results from the wish that Stone recently expressed, during the press conference held for the Lucca Film Festival & Europa Cinema at which he is a guest: to experience the papermaking process first hand, admiring “ everything which is transformation ”.

Sofidel was eager to follow up on this wish, inviting – together with the director of the Lucca Film Festival & Europa Cinema, Nicola Borrelli – the director to the Porcari Soffass paper mill in via Giuseppe Lazzareschi. He was welcomed by Sofidel President, Emi Stefani and l’Amministratore Delegato, Luigi Lazzareschi.

“It was a great honour for us to be able to accompany a master film-maker such as Oliver Stone as they discover the papermaking process”, stated Lazzareschi.

A very simple and pleasant visit in which the great US cinematographer once more demonstrated the gifts of curiosity and sensitivity that make his film-making great.

Sofidel, operating in 12 European countries, is making substantial investments also in the United States, Oliver Stone’s homeland.


Director Oliver Stone visits Sofidel’s Paper Mill in Porcari