Metso is participating as a corporate partner in the new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Technology. The "TechLand" exhibition currently being constructed at the Museum of Technology in Helsinki is a joint effort of the museum, eleven leading Finnish companies, researchers and other parties to present the story of Finnish industry. Metso is participating in the design and experiential display of aggregates, mining, and metal recycling processes as well as process industry flow control.

Museum of technology in Helsinki will open the new exhibition showcasing the story of Finnish industry in October 2016.

"We want to promote innovation and choices in the industry so that natural resources can be utilized more and more responsibly. It is important to understand how minerals and the process industry are connected to the construction of modern society and how the circular economy works. Visitors to the Museum of Technology include people of all ages, and the new exhibition offers a great means to communicate the possibilities of technology through popular ways. Together, we can contribute to the responsible use of natural resources, for instance, by minimizing the amount of water and energy required to utilize them," says Urs Pennanen, Senior Vice President at Metso.

"The new permanent exhibition showcases the role of industry, technical innovations and accumulated knowledge as building blocks of the modern society. The exhibition work is built on solid scientific expertise and a script based on current research in the history of technology. The objective of the exhibition is to inspire and surprise both those with knowledge in the field and new audiences at the museum, and a new kind of cooperation with Finnish companies, including international leaders in their field, plays a central role here," says Marjo Mikkola, the museum's director.


At the exhibition, the visitors will be able to learn, for example, how rock transforms for the needs of the modern society in the world's largest Lokotrack mobile jaw crushing plant and complementary processes.

The starting point of the "TechLand" exhibition is the home, from where the themes expand to infrastructure, production, raw materials, processes and recycling. The exhibition displays the past, present and future of technology and industry. The exhibition will open in October 2017, and it will stay open until 2026, with annual renewals. The exhibition is a part of the official Finland 100 Years program, in which both the Museum of Technology and Metso are participating as official partners.