On Thursday May 4 Valmet Tissue Technology Center celebrated its thousandth external customer pilot trial in Karlstad, Sweden.  The very special occasion was celebrated together with the Tissue research cluster managed by RISE, who are conducting development work together with the Valmet R&D team.

The thousandth customer tissue trial were celebrated by the whole Valmet and RISE team

Valmet's Tissue Technology Center has a long history of being a base for Valmet's tissue technology research and development, as well as for joint development with customers. Many of the world's leading tissue producers have utilized this unique resource to develop and verify their products and processes, during the years.

"We are proud to announce the historic milestone of 1,000 pilot trials together with customers. Counted in trial days this results in well above 3,000 days of pilot machine operations. All these days and all great cooperation with tissue and paper producers from all over the world, as well as partner suppliers to the tissue industry has given us tremendous knowledge, experience and insights in the tissue making process. We are excited to continue this journey together with our customers," says Karl-Johan Tolfsson, Manager of Valmet Tissue Technology Center.  

Valmet Tissue Technology Center is a unique resource for cultivating and realization of ideas, innovations and verifying new technologies. It plays a significant role in Valmet's own tissue technology development but it is also utilized by our partners and customers to improve their product quality and machine performance and find the best solution for their requirements.

Eduardo Izquierdo, Director at FPC, part of the Tissue research cluster is checking the paper quality together with Karl-Johan Tolfsson, Manager of Valmet Tissue Technology Center

Valmet's own R&D centers and pilot machines form the backbone of the company's research and development work. Altogether, Valmet has 16 R&D centers and pilot facilities located in Finland, Sweden and Portugal.  Valmet's research and technology development work aims to ensure an advanced and competitive offering of technologies and services for current and future customers, enhance raw material efficiency, and promote the use of renewable raw materials.