Papermaking is one of eight heat-intensive UK manufacturing sectors benefiting from government support to assess opportunities to decarbonise as the UK moves towards its legally binding target that, by 2050, UK emissions of Green House Gases will be at least 80% below their level in 1990.


Despite recent events, the Government has reiterated its support for the Roadmaps which will provide a policy framework within which the UK can continue to host energy intensive manufacturing installations against a background of ever tightening emission targets. The Roadmaps (see are moving into a new phase of development to set plans within which the actions identified to deliver carbon savings can be delivered.

To assist in the development of Paper Industry Sector Action Plan, a Workshop will take place on 20th October 2016 (in the North West) where mills and suppliers will be invited to provide input and comment on the draft action plan.

For further information or to confirm your attendance at this important event, please contact the PITA Office