John D. Peel, Angus Wilde Publications Inc, Vancouver, 1999. Hard cover, 26 x 18 cm, 272 pages. ISBN 0-9694628-3-2.

This book is a compact publication containing core scientific explanations which are necessary for all technologists working in the paper industry to grasp and understand. In particular it provides a compact publication which contains quantitative information, including a range of ‘typical values,’ for a variety of properties, processes and effects.

Chapter listing:

  1. The Paper Industry and its Institutions
  2. Types of Paper, their Applications, and the Properties Required for the Principal Converting Processes
  3. Measuring the Properties of PaperJohn Peel 300
  4. Factors Affecting the Properties of Paper
  5. Overall Papermaking Process
  6. Stock Preparation
  7. Stock Approach System
  8. Headbox
  9. Forming and the Forming section
  10. Pressing and the Press Section
  11. Drying and the Drying Section
  12. Calendering
  13. Winding
  14. Surface Treatments: Sizing and Pigment Coating