Eds. Julius Grant, James h. Young & Barry G. Watson, Technical Division of the British Paper and Board Industry Federation, London, 1978. Hard cover, 23.5 x 15.5 cm, 434 pages. ISBN 0-900219-05-X

Although this publication is around four-decades old, it still forms one of the best primers for the paper, paperboard and pulp industry. It was written primarily for new entrants into the industry; however, it was also assumed those already working in the industry or with some experience of it should find valuable information on aspects with which they may not be familiar, and possibly a new insight into operations principles and developments in their own branch. In addition, technologists in other industries, in education, or in local or national Government and many other fields, who require an introduction to the subject or to extend their existing knowledge, were also expected to find the book of great help.

Chapter listing:

  1. Historical Introduction: Hand Made Paperpaper and board manufacture 300
  2. The Nature and Uses of Paper and Board
  3. Natural Plant Fibres for Papermaking
  4. Pulping Methods – Wood
  5. Pulping Methods – Fibres other than Wood
  6. Pulp Screening, Cleaning, Bleaching and Finishing.
  7. Secondary Fibre in Paper and Board Making
  8. Stock Preparation
  9. Stock Additives and Final Stock Preparation
  10. The Papermachine – Wet End
  11. The Papermachine – Dry End
  12. Boardmaking
  13. Paper After-Treatments (Dry) and Finishing
  14. Paper After-Treatments (Wet)
  15. Mill Location and Services
  16. Testing and Control Methods
  17. Glossary
  18. General Reading List